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the things we do for love

I was not planning on blogging tonight because I'm up to my ass in wrapping paper and Scotch Tape (c). Being the world's worst wrapper (not to mention worst rapper), it's a frustrating experience. However, my husband has pleaded with me to post this link, which you will click, which will enable him to win a free iPod, which I will usurp from him. I do it because I love him. And because he bought me this and this for Christmas even though we said we weren't exchanging gifts this year. So maybe if he wins an iPod I can say it was because of me, because I got you all to click that link for him. And then I won't feel so guilty about having only bought him this. You don't have to do anything but click and close. What a great Christmas present - you can help relieve me of gift guilt! Back to wrapping. And rapping. [What am I rapping? Anyone else seeing those annoying, east side, west side, where you at commercials? Yea, that.]


Wow, rap. you can't spell crap without it

My wrapping generally looks like I did it with my feet ... in my sleep ... after 8 stiff drinks. I like to think that lumpy, crinkled and crooked represents freedom of artistic expression.

Nice choice of calendar ... I just saw this recently and am contemplating a purchase. It's not even terribly expensive.

Once you win your iPod, you'll have to divulge to your adoring readership the 500 songs you downloaded onto it, which will amount to your REAL favorite 500 (with no '3-song-limit' for each group). :-)

After you've downloaded the complete "Faith No More" anthology, it will be interesting to see what other songs make the cut for the remaining memory. ;-)

I'm so pathetic when it comes to gifts that I still have to get my mom to do my wrapping for me come Chrimmastime.

However, she refuses to do any rapping for me. "Fight your own battles," she sez. I guess she's old skool.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank whoever invented the wrapping paper bags.

Unfold bag.
Insert present into back.
Add one or two sheets of nicely crumpled crepe paper to cover present.
One perfectly bagged present to put under the tree.
And they're reusable.

I clicked. Hope it did something. With those kind of things I always get the impression that they're saying just click but they could really give a crap what you do, you won't get the iPod anyway.

Just my thoughts.



Michele, you cheapskate. At least it should have been a Packers calendar.