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around the blogs in twenty seconds

* We've finally added something to Command Post that people have been demanding (and I mean demanding) for some time now. So go ahead and get your feet wet in the Command Post Forums. Lots of hot topics and a chance to have interesting, informative and polite discussions on gentle topics like war and terrorism. * Have you been reading Sheila O'Malley? If not, you are missing out on a great thing. Start at the top and scroll down and do not miss the Jewel poetry as well as the comments on this post. * To some, Xmas is about coke, whores, and ruined dreams. Yep. Download some songs that show the dark underside of Christmas, at one of my favorite recently discovered blogs. * My newest blog crush has the lowdown on tacky Christmas decorations. I've sort of abandoned my tacky Christmas project this year, due to lack of interest on your part. Maybe it's all that "missing Christmas" stuff going around blogs. * Treacher. Need I say more? Scroll down as well. * Another new favorite of mine, ProSound blog, tells the tale of The Smithereens are Cokeheads. Ya think? * I need to do a 500 songs post today (at the rate I'm going, it's going to take two years to complete). Pick a song, any song. * The Storyblogging carnival is over at Dodgeblogium this week. Check it out.


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» Buy the World Some Coke from The American Mind
Mediaguru tells a story of The Smithereens coked up. I wonder if lead singer Pat DiNizio was high when he... [Read More]


What is this "Palestine" that the forum refers to?

I don't see it on a map, and I don't see any nation in all of history ever named that.

I see an Israel, though.

I suggest "Arab-Israeli Conflict" instead.

Nice find, Michele. Out of that bunch of songs & bands, Rocket 455 is definitely my fave. Having the kids sing along was a great idea.

I may have mentioned this here before - Christmas In Jail by R&B vocal group The Youngsters is one of my all-time fave Christmas songs...

Forgot about the song thing - how about #218 - Social Distortion - Story of My Life?

Er...forum needs upgrading to 2.0.11 like yesterday.

#411. Yes - Yours is No Disgrace. Please.

Thanks so much...