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no big unit for christmas

The deal is dead. Which is just fine, as I wasn't that thrilled about it, anyhow.

Jason didn't like the deal, either, so I'm not alone in not mourning the passing of the Randy Johnson as a Yankee dream.

Besides, if I really wanted a big unit, I'd ask Santa to bring me one of these (NSFW).

[it does occur to me that non baseball fans may be wondering what the hell the 'big unit' thing is all about. I'll let them wonder, it's more fun that way]

Update: Baseball Crank writes:

So, after all the speculation about Javier Vazquez not being able to pitch in New York, Vazquez apparently scuttles the Randy Johnson deal by refusing to report to the Dodgers for a physical.....he seems to have decided that he'd rather try to make it here, and prove he could make it a-ny-where
And Ed in the comments says:
And if it turns out that Javier Vazquez was in any way responsible for the deal falling apart, he has as much future in New York as Jason Giambi, anyway

The plot thickens.


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That deal is dead, but you'll get your Big Unit by spring. The Yankees and Diamondbacks have no other options...

And if it turns out that Javier Vazquez was in any way responsible for the deal falling apart, he has as much future in New York as Jason Giambi, anyway.

From the various reports I've read, Javy is getting a bum rap here. He said he wasn't cutting his vacation short and would be glad to take the physical after Christmas, and the Dodgers could look at the results of a post-season checkup he underwent in the meantime.

I think the Dodgers' GM got cold feet because he was getting ripped in the press in LA for being taken to the cleaners on the deal.

I think so too, TC. I wasn't all for this deal - but I was resigned to it happening. I honestly can't see Javy pulling such a stunt. He has no NTC and was nothing more than a pawn in this deal happenings because of it. The NY press is pretty ruthless though - I'm sure it sells better if they slant the story to appear a player throwing a wobbly scuttled the deal.

I was looking forward to Michele's Big Unit jokes too.

I personally think there was no value for the Dodgers.

Why would they help NY to shore up thier desperate pitching situation for Vazquez and three minor leaguers? In the process, they give up too much for too little return.

The Yankees would have made out on the Big Unit in the short-term (1 or 2 years... depending on how long he DOES last) and Ishii in the longer-term. They would have made the trade of the decade....

Thankfully, the Dodgers smartened up...

that leaves Boston with the slight edge in the offseason moves... for now!

I still think he's the ugliest pitcher in baseball..

but one helluva dove hunter.