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blog satire, DJ style

DJ got tired of waiting for Natalie to update her Live Journal so he could get his turn on the computer. So he decided to write his own Live Journal entry, on paper, and called it a satire of his sister's blog.
Dec 20.
Today I made a PB&J sandwich. Then I farted.
Dec. 21.
Today I made a tuna sandwich. Then I farted. TWICE!
I rock.
He asked us to leave comments on the paper, so I wrote: OMFG! LOL! WTF?? Underneath that, he drew a frowny face and wrote [listening to: the saddest song EVER] You probably had to be there. It was funny, really.


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Dec 20.
STFU, Wonkette!!!

Dec 21.
Why does everyone say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? LAME-O-RAMA.

Dec 22.
Dan Rather? I'm outraged!

Dec 19.
Powerline is blog of the year!!!

Sounds like he's been influenced by this guy. Only more gross.

Dec 23.
Ali quit Iraq the Model. OMG! :(

If only you were married to Wonkette's husband, you could turn DJ into a high-traffic blogstar instantly with that content.


I am reminded how impressed young boys are with the sounds they can make with their bodies.

It is impressive, actually.

A picture would probably help here. :)

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:)) I had to read it twice, and now I'm still laughing!

Scan it in!

Allah: See, you really do miss blogging... heck, I'd settle for some Natalie- or DJ-style blogging from you, just to fill the void.

[Insert "you're - not - obligated - to - continue - blogging - and - I - know - your - fans - don't - own - you" disclaimer HERE. Just miss ya, man.]

After reading DJ's comments ...

I am ever so grateful that blogging wasnt' around when I was 14 and my younger sister was a constant annoyance ... :-D


what insomni said ...