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all i want for christmas is a big unit

Well, I asked Santa for a decent Yankee pitching staff for Christmas. Maybe I should have been more specific. As in, a decent pitching staff that will have an impact for years to come.

Randy Johnson is thisclose to becoming a Yankee
. Is it a good deal? If you're into instant gratification, sure is.

I'm not sure I like giving up Vasquez for a pitcher who probably has one good year left in his arm, though. I know, I know. Vasquez had a great first half, a fading second half and was the goat of the World Series, more or less. But, still... Johnson may be a five time Cy Young award winner, but he's over 40 years old. I'm more into building for the future than throwing 20 million dollars and a decent player at a team just to get one ring. But that's juts me and I'm not Steinbrenner.

Depending on which story you read, the deal is either done, near done or not even close to being done. It's either a two team deal or a four team swap fest. No one knows for sure yet, but this is the closest the long running Johnson to New York rumor has gotten to the front pages of the local papers, so I
m assuming this is imminent.

I wish I could be as giddy as everyone else is over this, but that much money for that old a guy, no matter how golden his arm will be for the Yanks in 2005, keeps me from celebrating too hard.

Well, at least I can look forward to an entire season of making "Big Unit" jokes.


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Oh no you don't! The Dark Side can't have him! The fate of the Rebellion is in the balance! :-(

ONE good player ? Sounds to me like the last 2 decent prospects in the minor league system go with Vazquez.

The cuboard is bare in AAA, AA, etc. Not sure I like that, and I'm not sure I agree with letting the D-Backs bleed the Yankees dry over RJ when they all but GAVE Schilling to the Sox free of charge. I wish they'd play a little more hardball with Arizona.

What's with you damn New Yorkers? First the Mets give a four-year contract to a waif of a pitcher who might give you a quality 200 innings if you never ask him to pitch too far into the seventh and if you're willing to molly-coddle him for the next 648 games. Then the Yanks are willing to sell out the future of the franchise to get a dominating pitcher who's about 50 years old and has suffered from back problems since a couple of franchises ago. Neither are particularly wise moves, but one can understand the Boss going off the deep end after the ALCS collapse.

She lost her Roger, so now she wants a Big Unit.

Smutty girl!

I'll join you in not being giddy over "the Big Unit" deal. I never have been about it, either.

While I want (and know we need!) a vastly improved pitching staff, I face these facts: He's a 40+ year old pitcher, granted he's a 5 time Cy Young winner and was runner up this year - but I don't see us getting much more than 2 years at best out of him, espeically not with his knee needing fluid injections just to keep it going. Does it make me unreasonable that I would have okay to work with what we have, keep some of our prospects intact and look to next years free agents instead? Free agents that we might get more than two years out of and would thus make trading Javier Vasquez and two young prospects look a bit less insane. I hope I'm proved wrong.

Besides the fact we are STILL dealing with the AZ office and their ridiculous demands for RJ - aggravates me.

Fark covered a report of a three-player swap with this caption:

Steinbrenner quoted saying "It finally took a three-way for us to grasp the Big Unit, but now that we have Johnson, our holes are filled"

I got a Beltre for Christmas!

I'm certainly not a Yankee fan or hater, so take this as the perspective of an outsider looking in (frustratingly from the sidelines, my team being the Cardinals). I think if the Yanks can get Johnson their fans should be VERY pleased.

Look, they've had quite a run for about a decade now, but people seem to forget that Streinbrenner didn't "buy" this run. It was a combination of core players who brought this on, players scouted, drafted, and signed by the Yankees organization. You know who they are. It is because of this core that the team can keep retooling the missing parts and keep making run after run after run at the World Series.

You can talk about building for the future, and that sounds good, but this core isn't going to be around forever, and when they're gone, you are going to see some lean years. Count on it.

Take the Unit and ride him all the way if you can. He's worth the risk that he'll burn out after a year or two, because he makes the possibility of winning it all that much more likely.

There were a lot of question marks surrounding Randy when the Diamondbacks acquired his services before the 1999 season. They got five excellent seasons from him (and four Cy Young Awards) with only one off year. There is no particular reason to be concerned about Randy's age given that he still strikes a lot of batters out. The reason most pitchers are retired at 41 is that they can't blow the ball past the hitters any more. But guys who can, like Nolan Ryan, can keep pitching, seemingly only retiring when they get sick of all the traveling.

Randy Johnson could lose 7-9 miles off his fastball and STILL win 18 games. He's so damn ugly hitters can't look at him.

Remember when Randy obliterated a dove with a fast ball in spring training a few years ago? I lot of people thought the dove must've been on suicide watch or something. Me, I think he was expecting a curve.

The Big Unit led the majors in whiffs by a margin of 25. That's a guy with more than just one year left. Johnson will be 41 next year; Nolan Ryan pitched until he was 46, struck out 301 batters at age 42. Johnson's probably got as much left as Pedro.

He's probably worth a gamble. He could be in the bullpen at fifty, and I'd bet he could do the job.

And if it doesn't work out, what's $20M to Steinbrenner? It would take an empty farm and an empty wallet to stop the Yankees. Good pitching is scarce, but when hasn't that been an issue in the Major Leagues?

As for the Diamondbacks asking too much, that's only true if the Yankees can't pay it. Looks like the merchandise will move after all.

And as a Tucsonan, I know that pigeon had it coming.