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in a bad state of humbug

And much Christmas shopping ensued. And lo, there was an aching back and sore feet and frazzled nerves. Anyhow. Not only was Target empty nine days before Christmas, but they seem to have forged ahead right through winter, as the winter coats were on clearance and there were five racks of bathing suits on display in the girl's department. In New York. In December. For some reason, that annoyed me a lot more than it should have. Also on the annoyance factor was the fact that I sat through House of Sand and Fog this morning. That movie sucked in ways I thought hadn't even been invented yet. And how many times is Jennifer Connolly going to make a movie where she has to stand on a pier and look introspective? I'm counting three right now. Well, at least she wasn't taking it up the ass for heroin in this one. Then again, that might have saved this movie. Just awful. Where was I? Oh, shopping. Someone who has diagnosed herself with mallergy really should stick to online shopping. From rude people to insolent children to ineffiecent/non-existent sales help, this day was in the crapper before I even stepped into Roosevelt Field mall, which is, in my estimation, the level of hell Dante forgot about. Ok, I'm in a rotten to the core mood. More on my shopping woes and my growing agoraphobia tomorrow. I'm going to bed. At 7:21. I can still salvage this day by not killing anyone and sleep is probably the best way to avoid that scenario. Ho, ho, fucking, ho.


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I saw that sucky movie a couple of weeks ago, too.Did you torture yourself with all that humbug they spewed in the special features DVD section? Jennifer C's character was as annoying as any I've seen in ages, and geez, she would have done the world a favour if she has just shot herself.She was a loser, her dumbass cop boyfriend was dumber than any cop I've seen in film, and well, it sucked...this movie is all dirge.

"From rude people to insolent children to ineffiecent/non-existent sales help..."

It's a good thing you don't have to go traipsing through airports for a living, like I do these rotten days.

My contempt is a flower that flourishes in the safety of all those imbecilic herds, now, year-round.

Hate 'em all, all the time.

I noticed that Target was rushing the season when I went to return a coat I bought three weeks ago which had, in those three weeks, lost 3 buttons and developed a hole in the pocket.

House of Sand and Fog looked pretty pitiful, like it was made to appeal to the Academy Awards committee and no-one else (I don't recall if it actually succeeded at all on that count, that was just my first impression)

House of Sand & Fog isn't poorly made and the people in it do ring true, but for me it was still a very unpleasant film to sit through. Not because the end result was tragedy, but because the whole damn thing was so unremittingly bleak. Real life, even life that is destined for tragedy, usually has some humor, some relief from the darkness. It might technically be a good movie, but it's not one I'm ever likely to want to see again.

I'm surprised that Michele DIDN'T hurt someone after seeing this movie when already in a less than sunny mood to start with...

"...I can still salvage this day by not killing anyone...

You say that like it's a good thing.


I was at Roosevelt field last night and had to work my way through many people to get to the Apple store. Roosevelt field is one of those "upscale" malls full of snotty rich people or people who think they are. Ive disliked that mall even before they added the other levels....

this is why whiskey flasks and public transportation (or friends with cars!) were given unto us. It's bad enough shopping any time of year. you've got to have at least a mild buzz to set foot in a mall. At Christmas? Jeezus, you gotta be well snockered.

I absolutely detest to shop! All of my shoppping has been online this year. As an added bonus, the FedEx guy is gorgeous!!!!!

I, too, love to shop online. But now, after I bought all her childrens' presents (including a honking big truck), my middle daughter called YESTERDAY and said they're not coming down this year.

Now I've got to drag all this @%#$ down to the UPS store and ship it.

I'm consoling myself with thoughts of my hands wrapped around her neck.

Ho, ho, !%#$$# ho.

Imperial Keeper

House of Sand and Fog was a good book, but I could tell while reading it that it would be a painful movie to watch. I felt the same way about The Shipping News. I generally try to stay away from movie versions of books I really like. The Lord of the Rings films being an obvious exception.

And oh yeah, people suck. Pretty much all of them all the time.


...and that's on a good day.


I would comment, but I gotta go remove "Sand and Fog" from my Netflix queue ... if you guys all hated it, that's good enough for me.