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Spiked [Updated]

I caught about five minutes of the Spike TV Video Game Awards last night (I won't even link to their site because it is mangificently unavigable) - there was a rapper/rocker thing going on and I was really enjoying it until a fuse blew and the tv went off (too many lights on the tree, I guess). Anyhow, if anyone knows what I'm talking about and can tell me who was doing the singing/rapping and what song it was, I'd be grateful because it was the shit, as the kids say. Do they still say that? [I didn't bother watching the rest of the awards, due to my distaste at last year's efforts] Update: Turns out the performer in question was none other than Ludacris, who happens to be a former advertiser right here on this very blog. He's going on the playlist. He owns.


I believe the correct modern day young persons vernacular is

Darn it, home boy, that rythmic singing group I viewed this evening was quite impressive. They were exceedingly talented.... Biatch.

It was Ludacris I think. He's got a new album out called Red Light District. I didn't see the whole song, so I am not completely positive.

Cool site! Found you through QuackTrack (http://quacktrack.com/" in the Music category. Interesting choices for your 500, good stuff in there!

Which song did he perform? The one I'm loving on his new album is "Number One Spot." It has an Austin Powers sample (Quincy Jones' "Soul Bossa Nova" for those in the know).

I thought Bill O'Reilly said we weren't supposed to listen to Ludacris, much less give him even a small portion of our hard earned pay.

Good point about Bill O'Reilly. We all need to remember to do everything he says.

Spike TV is perhaps the most annoying channel on the dial. Their permanent onscreen moniker is hugely distracting and they had a giant countdown clock in the upper right hand corner plugging the Video Game Awards. Sorry, but when I watch tv I like to be able to see the programming unobscured.