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a yankee christmas

Checking my referral logs, I noticed that someone got here by Googling for "Christmas present for a Yankee fan." The New York Mets have already supplied us with the greatest gift, that of making sure Steinbrenner didn't sign Pedro Martinez. The Red Sox have also gifted us with the signing of ex Yankee David Wells. This is a gift to Yankee fans because it will give us the opportunity to sit back and laugh at the folly of the Red Sox when Wells eventually breaks his wrist in a bar fight or pulls himself out of the rotation on a big game day because he's hungover. Then again, all any Yankee fan really wants is a decent pitching staff. Santa? Can you help us out here?


You forgot Wells' gout. I'm waiting for him to miss a start in the middle of that hot, late-summer pennant run because his toe is swollen again.

The Yankees are this close to Carl Pavano, who's rounding into a pretty good pitcher and should get even better under Mel's guidance.

And, there's still Randy Johnson sitting out there...

As a Red Sox fan, I'm still shaking my head over the Wells deal..Is he still any good? Boston can deal with drunk idiots just fine as long as they are performing. Clemens took every oppurtunity to act like a complete ass when he lived in Boston, but he pitched his ass off so we let it slide.

Does Wells have anything left or will his liver finally call it quits?

I think he's still got something left. And because he's a drunk idiot, he'll fit right in with that clubhouse.

We here in San Diego mourn the loss of Wells, however. At least we still have Khalil Greene who is a hottie even if he just missed getting rookie of the year because of his broken finger!

I thought Michele was a Mets fan ...

Bill, I'd duck if I were you.... those are fightin' words in her neighborhood.

Wells was an OK signing for some depth but they were really counting on re-signing Pedro. He'd declared his intent and desire to stay in Boston if they could come to terms, so the Sox didn't pursue Pavano or Radke as they would have if they were sure he was gone. in that respect, they got caught with their pants down.

The deal with Pavano isn't signed yet! There's still a chance. I like the Sox pitching better, UNTIL that deal is signed, even if Schilling isn't ready for opening day thus leving us without an ace. If the Yanks swing something with Arizona it's gonna turn it into a LOOOONG season, though.

Want a decent pitching staff?

Become a Astros Fan.

Randy Johnson. One of the greatest left-handers... No, oneof the greatest pitchers to ever play the game. And now, as he was just befoer he left Seattle, a clubhouse cancer.

We Diamondbacks fans would prefer he'd finish his career with us; but I guess he's decided the ship is sinking, and he wants to go play for George and the NYY. Has he forgotten the whuppin' we put on 'em -- HE put on 'em -- in 2001?

HEY! GEORGE! Send us what we want, and you can have 'em!