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s-s-s-s-saturday night

Song #306 gets the treatment over at 500 songs. Is anybody reading this stuff or are you waiting for the hardcover $25.95 edition? 'Cause if you are, I'm going to charge you ten bucks for autogrpah
/life is just a fantasy


aldo nova so totally rocked. what was his other "big" song? something about a monkey on his back?

(sniff ... sniff)
Wanna print a REAL book?
Photoshop choppers who went to Max's KC.
Mount yourself on the wheels.
They're from ... Long...Island.
Yeah. That's the ticket.

(this is around where you kick me now)

You're an idiot about the Islanders.
You probably thought Chico was cute.

(God, I'm gonna pay for this one ....)
Chico was a tabloid guy.

Smitty was King.

Can't speak for any other regular readers, but I'm enjoying the annotations.

I can't wait to read the annotation to the Cookie Monster song...
Side note: Considering the confession you wrote about the Bay City Rollers song, I quick peak in my hidden away collection of vinyl revealed that my sister's Shawn Cassidy albulm (that I have been holding hostage since my junior prom) is still there. Perhaps I too should confess...

Gee, TC, I once again must apologize for not being as cool as you. Can I touch you?

I still think they were bedspread-wearing nancy boys. But, in light of your 12-year-old reasoning for thinking the Rollers were dreamy, I'll stop making trouble. Reflecting on my perky-nippled Farrah Fawcett poster, which hormonal intifada demanded I purchase, I guess I can understand. Of course, I don't own it anymore. Nor do I consider Charlie's Angels a good show. :P