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Thank you santa, for not bringing me pedro

Word around town is Pedro is going to sign with the Mets today (FAN is reporting that it's thisclose to happening). I've got two words for you Met fans: Ed. Whitson. Some people just can't play in New York. Mark my words, Pedro will be one of them. This is why I specifically asked Santa to not bring Pedro to the Yankees this year. Thank you, Santa. I'll let the whole X-Box thing slide now. Boston Dirt Dogs have more.


Big winners in the deal: The New York Yankees.

Pedro is a God.

Who else could bring Yankee and Red Sox fans together? Even if it is to laugh at the Mets and the contract they just signed.

Consider I got a XBOX for Christmas and the Mets Pitching Staff is so bad I will the package.

I don't know, Michele and Allah, I remember when Boston thought the Rocket was washed up (and look what he did in Toronto)... Wouldn't be surprised to see Pedro make a come back. (He most likely reads this blog and would love to do well to spite you)

Yet another mistake by the Mets. I've seen 2 World Championships in my lifetime-- guess that'll have to do, at least until the Wilpons sell!

I'm betting that on Pedro's first day on the job Mr Met is going down, hard.

Next October people will be shouting "AMAAAAZING!"

If y'all steal Beltran, we're going to cut his hamstrings before he gets on the plane.

Who's gonna be Pedro's daddy? That's right the Atlanta Braves. HOO-HOO

awwww! I love Pedro!

No shit, Michele. Whew!

Can't help but wonder what the perks being negotiated were. That supposedly held up the deal. No, on second thought, I'd probably gag.

An early Christmas present indeed. Now I wonder why he doesn't want to take the MRI test? wink

yankees suck



Hmmm, wasn't Whitson an example of somebody not able to handle being a Yankee? Not that there aren't Mets examples--Bobby Bonilla, anybody?

Sometimes it's very hard to find a good santa