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As written by Gerard Van der Leun, totally unsolicited, for which I both blush and thank him humbly because, regardless of how view the words, someone wrote a song/poem for me and that rocks (because the last time someone wrote something for me was 1967 and they rhymed Michele with Smell).
I, BLOGGER (to the tune of....) I am blogger, hear me roar, About hot dogs, about war About the state of music pop, About my noisy neighbors -- Stop! Send me traffic, send me comments, but no Spam! About elections, not erections, About Saran Wrap's deselections, And the Tupperware that turns green eggs to ham! About my kids, about my job, About bloggers who are snobs, And refuse to link to those that rank below them! About my life, about Iran, I've Andy Rooney in a can! And I grew him from some cells without a stem! About reform in education, About depression and elation, And how a latte always beats a coffee perkus! My opinions are all mine And I'm glad you've found the time To let me tell you why you too should hate the circus. I am blogger! Hear me roar! -----
I could probably go and put a link to match every word, but today has me collapsing under the weight of the Worst. Headache. Ever. Thank you, Gerard. You're all that and a bag of honey mustard pretzels (I don't really care for chips). Update: Managed to put some links in.


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I for one would love to see each word matched with a link. But your head hurts, so I'll deal.

Jenna gets headaches. She's had migraines since she was a child. Sometimes, she'll have to spend the whole day in the dark listening to her Schindler's List CD. And it helps if someone rubs her temples or her back, and then when she finally feels like moving around, sex helps the pain go away. I know you're probably busy and stuff today, but those are just some suggestions that might help soothe the pain. That is, unless you have opportunity to take some vicodin. Hope you feel better.

No, not every word. The links as they stand now.

The links make it. Into what it should be, and are only possible here.

And they make it a genuine collaboration.

Very creative! Much better than one of those "My-Top-Ten-Of-2004" blog post lists.

And Congrats! on your Weblog Award.