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a little hockey, a little patton

I've been missing hockey, so I used the 500 songs annotation thing as an excuse to reminisce about hockey's glory days. Oh, oh! I'm an expert on something! The beautiful and gracious Sheila O'Malley has included my Mike Patton 101 post in her Expert Series. You can read it here and read all the other experts here. Where else are you going to learn how to tie a cherry in a knot with your mouth, eat a lobster and thread a film projector in the same place?


Song belongs to the Bronx Zoo crew, Michele. Loved the Islanders--Billy Smith was my hero--but it belongs to Billy, Reggie, Gator and the Boys from the Bronx, circa '77-'78.

For you, perhaps. Not for me.

- "Sticks Up" Michele.... :)

- BTW Smoking Gun has moved to its new digs and you've been blogroled - Merry Xmas/Happy Channuka to you and your's...

- Big Bang Hunter and mini-me

It's kind of a long trip for you, but you have great hockey available in Trenton, NJ. (LIRR to NYC, then NJ Transit to Trenton)

The Trenton Titans (http://www.trentontitans.com/) are the ECHL affiliate of the Flyers. ECHL hockey is kind of like AA baseball - two steps from the bigs.

They've got a 7:30pm game this Friday and a 7:00pm game this Saturday. There are a couple of 3pm Sunday games in January if you want an afternoon.

If you make it to a game, look for me in section 206.