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not the droids you're looking for

There was a post here that's not here anymore. I've decided it was a bunch of drivel that was important only to me. For those who read, the whole thing was precipitated by an email I should have ignored, but didn't, because I'm one of those emotional females who would be better off writing in a paper diary. You know, the kind with the flowers and butterflies on the cover, where the pages are scribbled with ten paragraph equivelants of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Anyhow, it was all kind of silly and now it's gone. Sorry if I trackbacked you on what is now a non existent post. I owe you one.


I guess you want us all to say "No Michele, don't do it. Please stick around!". Well, much like suicide, it's your own decision.

I find your nostalgia posts great even though I find the 500 songs thing a little dull and boring. But who am I to tell you what to write or whether to stop?

It's all up to you.

bq.I guess you want us all to say "No Michele, don't do it. Please stick around!"

Actually, no. This wasn't a "I'm going to quit if you don't pay attention to me" post. It was more of a "I'm going to keep writing even if no one reads what I write" thing.

Michele, I read you daily (but have never commented), I enjoy the family, music and culture posts much more than the political rants (even though I share most of your views). I do not share your taste in most of the music you write about, but being nosy, I like to know why people like what they like. Your writing style brings the reader in and keeps them interested throughout the piece. Keep up the good work, even if it is only for yourself.

I'm a long time reader. I agree with you most of the time on "big issues" and I like to read what you write about them. I also like to read posts about culture (even though our tastes in music are quite different - I like to read them to see what else is out there, who knows, I mind find something I like that you mentioned!) and your nostalgic posts are great.

Part of why I come here is what you write about, the other part is how well you write it.

I only comment when you leave me an opening for some witty repartee. And I haven't linked in a while because I haven't been posting, because in 17 days my domain turns into a pumpkin, thanks to the idiot that crashed and burned bloghosts.

Plus baseball season is over. But I still read daily. Looking for those openings, yanno.

As far as making money writing... you might want to start out writing product descriptions for outdoor catalogs as there's a hell of a lot more money in that than in anything rewarding or fulfilling.

Writing is its own reward. Eventually you might get a little coin for it, but the operative word there is 'little'.

Okay, I just realized I'm bumming people out. Didn't mean to. You just have a better chance in hitting the lottery than in getting anything published in today's market.

Gabe, I appreciate your advice, but writing product description for a catalog is not what I have in mind. I didn't spend nearly 30 years pounding out boxes worth of fiction and essay to write about lawn chairs.

Thankfully, I have a full time job that pays well enough so I can make the attempt to write fiction for a living without going broke doing it.

Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

Well now * I * feel better!

(And congratulations on the Best Culture Blog performance... I watch in admiration from fifth place!)

Somehow I just knew that post was headed for the bit pile. I've been reading you long enough to know when you've only had one cup of coffee.
Good riddance.

Hehe. Someone woke up in a wonky mood and just started typing I guess.

It was better written than most of my crap though.

Bourbon. Lots of it. Solves everything.

I also have a knack for commenting on posts that are later removed. Canary in a coal mine and whatnot.

You know, the kind with the flowers and butterflies on the cover, where the pages are scribbled with ten paragraph equivelants of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

Eerie . . . I wanted to change my blog over the weekend to something like "Fainting Flower Pundit," and give it a dainty lavendar background, ring it with lilies, etc. Unfortunately, I soon remembered that my CSS is for shit.

Whatever I missed, I'd just say what I always do--write what matters to you and if they don't like it, fuck 'em in the ear.

You should have left the post up, there was nothing wrong with it.

Too bad you're not doing the politics stuff anymore. You wrote really interesting material. But, I guess ya gotta write whatever you're interested in...

I have no idea what you posted, but I miss it for the fact that it was your writing....

Damn me for turning off that Atom feed.

What Laurence said.

And then, I add: "LSD. Beter living through chemistry."

Onward, through the Endarkenment.

Crud... day off, slept in, had to write first (and get the monkey off my back) and missed the droid that was here.

ah well.... love you anyways!

I always miss everything. (sulk)