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My Own Award Show

The ASV Awards for blogs you may or may not be reading, but were not represented on the Wizbang awards and maybe you want to click on over and see how much goodness there is outside of your blogroll. AKA, The Look Over There Awards. Three best blogs I discovered very recently: The Grand Staircase Pro Sound Blog I Read the Comics So You Don't Have To The only blog for which I have a bookmark folder in which to drop all the links I find there: Ultimate Insult Best writing on a blog by a friend I haven't spoken to in a while: Acerbia Blogger I was happiest to see resurrect her blogging mojo: Matrixland Blogger who has a tendency to pick on me but I read his site anyhow: Bozzy Blog that most enables my list obsession: Fimoculous More later - I'm still waiting on Santa. I think he's avoiding me.


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Aw shucks, thanks. :)
Crap, I have a post for tomorrow I pilfered from you too. Hm.

You forgot ...

Blogger I'm saddest to see lurching toward retirement:



You doofus, so speak to me already!

That comics site is gold.