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vote early, vote often, kick santa in the nuts

The Wizbang awards are winding down (voting closes at 7pm), and I would like to take this last chance to implore you to go throw some votes at your favorite blogs. For the record, in the categories I voted in, my votes went to:
Treacher Command Post Kerry Spot* Babalu Blog Meryl Yourish I didn't really vote in a lot of categories - I kind of got disgusted with the whole thing early on. But I don't want that to take away from the people who voted for me and asked others to vote for me, for which I am truly grateful because that means you like me, you really like me! *In the best new weblog category, I had a hard time deciding between Kerry Spot and Media Drop. KS had a big impact on the Rather story, so they deserve a vote, but Media Drop is really a great blog. So I voted a few times and split my vote between them. And to those lovely people who emailed accusing me of nefarious deeds that enabled me to pull ahead, try reading here before you jump on me like that. This is not something I care enough about to cheat to win. I save that for Monopoly. So, if you have a favorite weblog in the running, go vote before the clock ticks down. I just wanted to get this in now because Santa is coming here at 4:30 and I'm going to go stand outside and wait for him. I want to hand deliver my letter asking for an X-Box, because he completely ignored my letter of last Christmas. And I'm wearing my steel-toed boots just in case Santa tries to pinch my ass like he did last year. Ho, ho, ho my ass. Update: Well, that was the quickest deletion of a comment ever. For the intelligence impaired: I did not do any cheating to gain the top spot in my category. My nearest competitor had votes taken away from her, which pushed me to the top. Apparently someone was cheating on her behalf, more likely than not without her blessing or knowledge. I sincerely doubt she would do something like that. A few words to anyone and everyone who cheated in this award thing. Get. A. Life.


You're on the naughty list now.

Treacher Command Post
Kerry Spot*
Babalu Blog
Meryl Yourish

My list exactly. Well, except for Jim: I did vote for him several times earlier in the week but I've been sticking with Goldstein lately in hopes that he might pull out a win. Alas, 'tis not to be.


And thanks for the pointers on Media Drop and Ultimate Insult. ;-)

Hey Michele,

Thanks for the votes and kind words. I did my best with ASV and Command Post in the voting arena....

Man. That smarts.