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curtain call

The high school production of Once Upon a Mattress was a success. It's really a very cute story (a musical take off on The Princess and the Pea). It's so rewarding to see the hard work of the students pay off. They put an awful lot into these plays. I think Natalie was home a total of ten non-sleeping minutes in the past three weeks while rehearsals went into overdrive. And I'm proud that not only did she perform her part (lady in waiting/chorus) well, but she maintained her grade average while spending so much time at rehearsals. Which, if you know anything about my daughter, is a huge accomplishment. The rest of the cast was stellar, especially the girl who played Princess Winifred. Her comedic timing was impeccable and man, could she belt out a song. [click for bigger - Nat is in pink] Beautifully done, but I'm glad it's overwith. An exhausted teenager is a cranky teenager.


Omigosh..you have one of those THESPIANS living under your roof!?!


Congrats on the success of the play; were you as nervous for her as she was in appearing? I know I was when my girls were doing their play.

More congratulations! The play is a fun one and it sure is great when it pulls together. I was a theater geek (and a card carrying Thespian) all four years in high school and I don't think my parents saw much of me when we were putting on plays.

Yes, I know about that exhausted = cranky teen thing, too. (shameless mom brag moment ahead) Last week saw Siobhan, Drum Major, finish up marching season with her band at state championships. (pics, too!) Yesterday, while decorating the Christmas tree, I had more and pleasant conversation with her then I've had in weeks!

I'm torn, though. Siobhan is my youngest and I weeped on the drive home because that just marked the end of twelve marching seasons for me. Next fall is going to feel really strange.


Glad to see she enjoyed it - and I hear you on the work they put into these things. Unbelievable effort. Our oldest was cranky and exhausted too.

I think every kid should be made to work as hard as the thespians and techies work on those shows. Grades might suffer but hard work is something that most kids don't respect or value hard work.