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2 down and whole new layout to go

There's a new entry over at the 500 Songs annotation site, which really needs a better name. And a better layout. I've been fooling around with it all morning, but I messed a few things up that I just can't get back. Anyhow, #44 is explained away and I'm going to try to get to a few more before we head out to Natalie's high school theatrical debut in Once Upon A Mattress. Again, I'm not going in any order, so if you are curious about a specific song on the list, let me know and I'll try to get to that number today. Not avoiding the Bay City Rollers thing, either. That one is coming soon. Might as well get the heckling overwith.


I was wondering about the NIN "Something I Can Never Have" song? You seem too young for that song to be a Mid-Life crisis kind of thing, and too old for one of PHM's best songs to have a high school/college memory attached to it. Just about everyone I know, who likes this song, says it means something deeply personal to them, so... just curious

Eclectic list! I know you did them randomly, but just think of the fun you could have making a playlist out of this. Then again, your head might explode.

#356 Violent Femmes - "Add it Up"
#60 NRBQ - "Me and the Boys"

Hey, there's no heckling involved with "Saturday Night." I just watched the first hour of "So, I Married an Axe Murderer" again the other day.

Speaking of NIN, Mr. Self Destruct himself was in "Once Upon a Mattress" in high school.

Ooh, Once Upon a Mattress! Good show, underrated, because...um, no one's heard of it.

Enjoy yourself.

"We have an opening for a princess...for a genuine, certified princess..."

Imagine if cats could drive. You'd be all like 'Dude, there's a cat driving that Jeep', and I'd be all like, 'Sweet'.

P.S. My teeth hurt.