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let the music play / Q&A time

Of all the things that are pissing me off today, it's the one that should matter the least that's really driving me to drink. Why, oh why does my LaunchCast radio station insist on playing songs I have rated as never play again? What is the point of offering such a rating if the stupid randomizer isn't going to pay any attention to it? Or do they need to add a rating that says never play again and I really mean it this time? If I really wanted to hear the insipid Papa Roach crap that keeps coming up in the rotation, I would just turn on the radio because they seem to be on of about ten bands that K-Rock plays over and over again. So between that and the fifth consecutive day of rain and gray skies and some other things that are eating at me today (here's a hint to my mood: I just signed an email not bitter, just bleeding), things have been quiet around here. I discovered the hard way that it's better not to blog when you're in the midst of violent mood swings. Anyhow. I've been trying to get to some of that annotating of the songs, but work has been busy today. Now that I have some free moments, I can't decide what song to do next. So if there's a certain song that you're curious as to why it made my list, let me know and I'll get cracking. I'm also working on a FAQ for the page, as I'm getting some weird questions about the whole thing (still can't figure out what my bra size has to do with 500 songs, so I haven't answered that one yet) - if you have a question regarding the song list that you think should appear in the FAQ (most common: why no Beatles?), ask away here in the comments. Ok, motivate me to write something besides work-related legal mumbo jumbo: Songs you want explained away and other relevant questions.


I don't have any questions about your list. I just think it's cool that you can now say, "A Small Victory...Sponsored by: Ludacris."

Band names don't come up when they play something from a compilation, so NEVER PLAY AGAIN won't work.

(disappearing text again!)

If I really wanted to hear the insipid Papa Roach crap

Have you seen the video where they're in the Stock Exchange and everyone's moshing to the soulful sounds of Papa's anti-capitalist rage -- and then they jumpcut to literally three seconds' worth of lesbians making out? When I saw that, I knew the Roach was hardcore. With a capital "H"!

Next topic for discussion: which video is faggier? The one where Jet attempts to rescue an embarrassingly earnest ballad by adding ironic cartoon birds? Or the Solid Gold parody used by Sum 41 to redeem its painfully shitty political anthem about how "we're all to blame" because we're not as willing to make sacrifices as the average rock star is?


Okay. Why no Cars? (totally understandable if they don't do it for you, I feel the same about other bands)

When In Rome- "The Promise"? Seems like a lot of people I know have a story with that song; you?

Two suggestions regarding Launchcast (please disregard if I'm stating the painfully obvious):

1) Are you sure you've X'd all versions they have of the offending song? (I see 3 of Roach's Getting Away With Murder right off the top of the search list)

2) Are you sure you're listening to your own station? (Ratings don't mean a thing if you're listening to anyone's station but your own, including the generic presets)

...at least these are the 2 things I've always found (if my memory serves me correctly) at the root of it when I've had similar issues...