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one down, 512 to go

I've got lots of updates, links and commentary over at the RIP Dimebag Darrellpost. ------ My first song in the great annotation attempt of the 500 songs list is up. I'll be working on the design and navigation of the site soon. I know it's ugly. Questions: Are you really going to read these? If you are, do you think I should go in order or should I go by whim and then maybe put them in order later? And while I have your attention can you please help Jim out? Dude deserves to be way higher than eighth place and you all know it.


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Follow your muse, go by whim.

Creating cross-referencing and categorization (e.g. Guilty Pleasures, Relationship Memory Associations, Angry Music, Sex Music) within the list, while a huge pain in the ass, would be interesting.

Not that I'm telling you what to do. I hate it when people tell me what to do.

On Treacher, I've voted for him three timesonce every 24 hours.

Just so long as you link each annotation on your 500 songs page, you should be fine doing it either way. I'd say don't try to do them in order, though; you'll get sick of it by number 48.

If Bill Simmons can do his greatest sports movies list out of order - you can certaintly do music.

Do them by whim. If I were doing it, I'd find it a less tedious way to annotate.

Whim is good... But to educate those of us that have only listen to country music since 89; you could hit some of the most obscure first.


Cross-referencing and categorization? The woman has problems just counting! Baby steps, baby steps.

I'll second the "whim" suggestion. It would be fun to read the annotation first, then discover the rank of the song within the list later.

MY conscience is clean regarding Treacher. I don't know about some of these OTHER people . . . .

Add me to the chorus of whim-sers (and yes, I intend to read every dernded one of them...)

Vote for me! Vote every day! Yay!

Well, I'm glad you annotated THAT one ... it needed an explanation.

The sad part is that I keep coming up with more songs. Things I had forgotten to mention (Chicago - Saturday in The Park; Beach Boys - Wouldn't It be Nice). Maybe I need my own list.

Jim, I think underrepresented because of the tight battle between Protein Wisdom, Scrappleface and IMAO. People who normally would, aren't splitting votes in your category. I know I'm not getting any in the top 1000-1750 category (not that Secure Liberty should be in that category).

You need an "As seen on the Internet!" on the 500 songs banner, though, like those old "As seen on TV!"'s that the K-Tel records had.

"Jim, I think underrepresented because of the tight battle between Protein Wisdom, Scrappleface and IMAO."

Which is the funny one?

Too many big words, I guess.