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Everything is subject to change. The list may also grow to more than 500 at some point. But I have reached my goal of 500 songs without having to resort to Biz Markie and that makes me very happy. And now, the annotating project begins. I suspect it will take at least six months to get the whole thing finished, by which point I will be the only one left who cares. I have not proofread the list yet, so if you see any numbering/grammatical/repeat errors, please report them here. I think after completing this list, I deserve the title of best culture blog. Update: How much do I suck? Well, an awful lot because apparently I can't count. Thanks to JFH, who is my personal proofreader, for discovering that I have 513 songs, not 500. He also made a new list for me, with proper number ordering.


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Not only will I care about the annotations, I'll buy the book if you publish it.

oh babeeee yooouuuuuuu...
you got what I nEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeed...

sorry. nice list though. You deserve at least a vote. I haven't voted in these blog awards cuz I think they're kinda...pointless. But you put together that list and it's annotations, a cultural contribution to say the least.

...and you say he's just a friend;
and you say he's just a friend...

Best. Culture. Blog. Ever.

Not a single Bruce Springsteen song ... you deserve best culture blog just for that imo.

If you give up before you finish annotating, will that mean that nobody cares?

Jesus cares, you know.

i find it odd that you didn't pick anything from "The Spaghetti Incident."

oh wait, no i don't.

and yanno, i don't even know what made me think of that album. hell, i'm listening to Slaughter (Fly to the Angels) right now...

heyyyy. there's no Slaughter in there, either!

I second the springsteen comment above.
I voted twice for asmallvic (and others) even before this was pointed out to me.

Other than that this song list is not the reason I voted or read this blog. I suggested more than a few songs and none were given a spot, tho lots of good songs by the same bands made the list.

I could in fact do my own list, from my own vinyl, without a struggle to get to 500. You won't catch me giving any in-depth annotations to that list, even if I did one for my own use. Which I won't. Can't make me. And I would have Meatloaf on my list, so there. And where in the Hxxx are The Cars 80s woman?

I enjoy about 50% of the content on asmallvictory.net and consider it to be one of the best blogs to read everyday because of the high-volume (and quality) of content.

SondraK (who??) is in the lead? I just checked out her page and it has very few comments on most entries. Must be very dedicated repeat voters. That dancing GOP elephant christmas card entry is way way cool, tho.

I am a 50s, 60s (In a non-hippie way), and 70s era guy myself.

What does it say about me that I know only 15 songs on that list? I've know of a handful of others, but I only know (as in, name it and I can hear it in my head) 15.

And that includes I Eat Cannibals. (I have it on vinyl™)