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I guess it's obvious that I'm a Pantera fan, because my inbox was flooded this morning with links to this story.
Dimebag Darrell, guitarist for Pantera and Damageplan, was one of at least four people fatally wounded during a bizarre shooting at a concert in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday night.
dimebag.jpgDimebag, formerly known as Diamond (back in the Pantera glam days), whose real name was Darrell Abbot, was the brother of Damageplan/Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul and the son of country singer Jerry Abbott. It's a bizarre kind of story. Not only did the gunman intentionally single out and kill Darrell, but he shot blindly into the audience, killing three people. The gunman himself was killed, so we'll probably never know what made this guy freak out. And I'm sure I'll get a lot of "who the fuck cares?" comments/emails, and they'll all be deleted. Because, as a fan of his work, I care. According to the Damageplan message boards, a bassist from the opening band tried to shield Darrell and was shot. Also, they are reporting that another member of Damageplan, Pat Lachman, has died and one of the other victims was a security guard. DJ had just picked up a Guitar magazine last week that came with a DVD of Dimebag giving guitar tips. He was in awe of Darrell's talents. R.I.P. Dimebag - you will be missed. Andrew has more on the story, over at Blogcritics. Update: I can't confirm the death of Lachman - there's a lot of conflicting reports. NBC4i seems to be keeping up with the breaking news. The Damageplan website has apparently been overloaded, and is down for the count, as is almost every Pantera fansite and message board. See also, Say Uncle, Diggers Realm, Six Meat Buffet. And Walk just came on my Launchcast station. Damn. This is really upsetting. Updates: The gunman has been identified as Nathan Gale, 25, of the Marysville area northwest of Columbus. And I swear, if this starts a news wave of "your children are not safe at rock concerts!" stories, I will go ballistic. Dave Mustaine on Darrell Martin Poppoff on Darrell More updates: Read more about Darrell here, and why he was such an influential guitarist. More on Dimebag here. Police say gunman had hostage when he shot Dimebag. There's a rumor going around that the gunman killed Darrell because he was upset over the break up of Pantera. He shot the wrong guy, then. Just saying. I'm not going to believe this until I see some proof of it, like friends or family who knew the guy went batshit when Pantera officially broke up. And even if it's true, I don't understand why he blames Dimebag when Phil is the one whose ego and death-defying drug habit ruined the band. Dallas Stars issue statement (Pantera were huge hockey/Stars fans) Tons to read over at Zakk Wylde's message board Words from Scott Ian


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RIP dude.

Very shocking and sad news this morning. :(

This happened on George W. Bush's watch, while he was reading to schoolchildren.

...and I was just getting into Pantera. RIP.

I was shocked this morning when my wife called me and told me the news. RIP Darrell Abbot.

I met them when I lived in New Orleans years ago, and just saw Damageplan at the Locobazooka festival in Fitchburg Mass in Sept.

He will be sorely missed. RIP.

Holy crap...

Damn, everytime I saw Pantera live I was in pain the next day. Amazing in concert.

The only real rock station left in Dallas basically preempted their morning show to talk about what happened and took phone calls from fans.

The latest I've heard is that it was a security guard by the name of Mayhem (???) that was among the dead. He was the one trying to save Dimebag. Also, the tour manager was shot and is in critical condition.

This is tragic. RIP, Dimebag.

I don't know what to say or do except listen to Pantera and Damageplan. Is that wierd?

Even if it is, Far Beyond Driven here I come.

I listened to VDoP on the way to work. I have CFH for the way home.

This is very sad news. Poor Vinnie, seeing his own brother gunned down like that. My first concert was seeing Pantera opening for Skid Row and (shudder) Killer Dwarves, and they brought the hammer down.

Vulgar Display Of Power was a seminal album for me. Frankly, I always thought Phil would bite it first. RIP.

Funny how you always hear about 'celebrities' getting killed first thing in the morning after getting out the shower. Phil Hartman and Jam Master Jay come to mind.

Why can't this kind of thing happen at Motley Crue concerts?

Laurence, that's a terrible thing to say! I am by no means a Dimebag or Pantera fan, but I think what happened is terrible. Nobody should have that wished upon him.

I just listened to the Damageplan track 'New Found Power' and offered up a toast to DD.

Yeah Lawrence, don't bit such a fuckwit, that is uncalled for. Timing is everything mate...I am agree with FJ sentiments.

Our thoughts should go out to the fans who were gunned down as well. They went out to see a small venue show with a band and got killed. That is just not cool.

I am glad the bastard is dead...now we don't have see him tried and his lawyers make up excuses to justify his actions.

This is so weird - I had just finished listening to the Damageplan CD (on my computer while working)last night when my wife came downstairs and told me that there had been a shooting at a club in Columbus, and thought I'd want to know about it since I had managed a record store there for a while and knew most of the club owners in town. What a freaking shocker. Dimebag was a true guitar monster - not likely we'll see many like him again. I'm a little concerned at the news reports that are stating that the Alrosa Villa didn't have metal detectors, etc., which will probably (in a lot of hypersensitive asshole's minds) generate a lot of bad publicity for them. I've seen a lot of shows at the Alrosa - it's a very well-run club and had a staff that always treated their patrons well (and bouncers who DID NOT take any shit!) - it's not suprising that one of their bouncers responded so quickly - those guys are alert - a good friend of mine bounced there for a while - they hire some real gorillas! It's not a dangerous place - I've seen more fights in the parking lot than I've ever witnessed inside, but those were usually at the general "rock" shows moreso than the metal shows. After a point the Alrosa went almost exclusively metal, but every metal show I attended there had a crowd that was pretty well behaved and just wanted to have a fun rockin' night out. It was a great place to catch a band. My good vibes (since I don't pray) go out to Dimebag's family & friends, as well as the families of the other unfortunate souls who met their end. It's a real tragedy...

Ah, the comedy equals tragedy plus time debate continues at ASV.

I would suggest not picking on Laurence; he was neither making fun of Dimebag nor actually wishing such a thing on anyone.

Basically, he was just saying Motley Crue sucks.

Well. I don't think I ever listened to a shred of Pantera in my life, but this really is bloody rotten news, I must say. Awful. Really sorry to hear it.

Well, i have to admit to never liking Pantera at all. But it still sucks ol' Dimebag was killed. I'll miss his columns in that guitar mag.

on another note, which is not as tragic but possibly a billion times lamer, Motley Crue has reunited and is going on a world tour.

Those guys are responsible for a lot of the ringing in my ears to this day. Dimebag, R.I.P.

I'm going to turn off all the lights, flick my Bic, and put on "Cemetery Gates".

Foxnews reported that the shooter was a fan upset that pantera broke up.

Not to make light of the situation, but from Fox News:

Amanda Stankus, 19, who attended the show with Couch, said she initially thought the shooting was part of the show.

Amanda Stankus?

You have to wonder how many metal-chicks they had to interview before they found one named Stankus. My guess? Two.

Hey. What the fuck. Lennon shot 12/8/80, Dimebag shot 12/8/04. december 8th is not a good day to be a rock star.

From Rolling Stone (emphasis mine): "The shooter -- identified as Nathan Gale, 25, of Marysville, Ohio -- dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and hockey jersey, jumped onstage at about 10 p.m., just as Damageplan were beginning their first song. After making a statement about the breakup of Pantera, he shot Abbott in the chest several times at close range and then turned his gun on the crowd of hundreds."

Fucking idiot.

After making a statement about the breakup of Pantera

Right now, somewhere in California, Weiland is reading that same article and thanking God that no gave a shit when Stone Temple Pilots broke up.

those that dismiss this incident as a non-story (a) have never picked up a guitar in thier lives and/or (b) are insensitive a-holes.

What? Their cover of "Planet Caravan" is not on the list?

I suck at HTML coding, but the guys were from Dallas/Fort Worth. DFW coverage:

KDBN 93.3 FM



My personal musical journey spans from Miles to Ligety to Slayer and back. I've been all over the musical map from composer to performer to student to teacher. My career now has me producing electronic music and hip-hop. Hadn't listened to Pantera for at least three years. I threw in Far Beyond Driven for shits n giggles and went for a run in the Salt Lake mountains the day before yesterday. I figured I'd relive some of my days as a pissed-off, frustrated, skinny white suburban clown. I found myself floating around the hills for hours energized by the sheer agression and hell-spit fury blasting at me. I felt the way I did when I first heard Dime push his big toe down on that Whammy pedal. The super-aural screams of aliens in a blender on pulse mode. Fukkin greatest performer of his genre. Fukkin greatest guitarist of his generation. We must now ask the Whammy pedal for forgiveness in his name. Rock will never forgive Dimebag for the damage that he did it. EVERYBODY--Four shots of Jack tonight... in rapid succession... for Dime...

that article about the Stars' press release is a little garbled:

"Abbott, a heavy metal guitarist with Damageplan, and three other people were killed before a police officer shot him to death late Wednesday."

Makes it sound like the cop shot abbott, which is untrue.

I can't remember anything quite like this ever happening at a rock show before. I think that's what's bothering me the most. It's music.

I'm not a fan of metal, Pantera, or Damageplan--I dig loud-hard-fast, but not the violence and rage. Still, I'm no more eager than fans are to hear all the "live by the sword, die by the sword" talk we'll soon be getting from our would-be parents in the moralist media.

Thank you, Janet Jackson's boob. Your 15 minutes (and 11 months) are over.

Oh my god. I've been in a freaking cave all day and just heard this news. I cannot believe this. What the hell?
Rest in peace, Dimebag. You will be sorely, sorely missed.

You have to wonder how many metal-chicks they had to interview before they found one named Stankus.

And I have to wonder how little of a Pantera/Damageplan fan you have to be to think that those guys would use stage theatrics. They weren't exactly GWAR.

It wasn't really my kind of music, but I still want to offer my sympathies to the families, friends and fans of the victims. It's a tragic thing.

i didn't want to play like Dime, but I wanted to know how.

my phone has been ringing off the hook since 4am. everyone that I know who has ever picked up a guitar (or simply loaded an amp into a van) has called with a glorious "what the holy fuck?"

i mourn for Vinnie - a man close enough with his own brother to be a bandmate had to watch the same person gunned down while "on the job." that doesn't go away easy.

that cop shot this bastard dead and we'll never get down to the issue... that's the sad truth. he can rot in hell, but he didn't suffer enough while here.

Think about what it would be like if the killer hadn't been shot down afterward. 200 hardcore Pantera/Damageplan fans just right there ready to rip you apart.

Or alternatively, think about going to prison and being known as "that guy who shot Dimebag."

The Metal community has lost one of it's great guitarists because of the mixture of lack of Metal Detector's & Security and a Moron! They should of had metal detectors scanning everyone going in that club and standard searches of people also and Dime and the others would still be alive and this moron would be in jail. These people that peform on stage are celebrities and stars they deserve that protection from morons like the guy who shot Dime. Dime shouldn't of died that nite and that shows Alrosa and any Club hosting concerts for that matter that they need to take the above actions to make the show safer for concert goers and the band and staff that make the show happen. Metal has lost a great hero but heaven has gained a great hero! with some great heavenly riffs! and a HEART bigger then TEXAS!

the one
post above by Flamen Dialis I would like to correct you on the Clubs Security if it was as good as you say it is then some dumbass wouldn't of been able to enter that club with a gun let alone shoot 5 people! think about it!

R.I.P. Dimebag you live on here on earth in your music you left behind and your fans!

Shooter Enjoy your days in hell you punk cause you so much deserve it for being such a moron!
and taking metal's finest guitarist from us!

Condolences go out to The Abbott family and the families of the Security Guard and the ones who died in the Audience! may God be with you all and help you through this time of need and the healing process!

I was in Dallas the year the Stars won the Stanley Cup, and the Dallas Stars theme song written by Pantera was the ultimate statement to the grit and tenacity of that team. I understand they got to spend some time with the cup thanks to Craig Ludwig and Guy Carbonneau and the guys.

Too bad.

hey lamers, whoever deleted my post here yesterday, the day after, a day before, wuteva..man....you're not an exhibitionist after all...junk...you've made all this crap...all that was written here...the bottom line is...you are just rewriting what was written by other writer's impression. it's obvious half tweety....get a life braintard.