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tacky christmas 2004: angel with her ass on high

Ok kids, it's camera/link time. By now, most of your neighbors have put up their tacky decorations and it is time to get those pictures taken and send them in for the Tacky Christmas 2004 thing. I'm also accepting links to stories of bizarre behavior in decorating. Today's treat comes to us from England, that land of all things tacky. It seems Madame Tussauad's Wax Museum, not content to just let the holidays slide by without adding some wax tackiness to them, has concoted a nativity scene from hell. Here, we see Samuel L. Jackson as one of the shpeherds, along with Hugh Grant and Graham Norton (insert obligatory "give him the fucking myrrh, motherfucker" line here). And here we have Tony Blair and George Bush as wise men. And, of course, what British display of tackiness would be complete without Posh and Beckham being foisted upon as Jesus and Mary? But you know what makes this all worthwile? This. Oh, she is an angel, isn't she?

I'm sorry. Where was I? Oh, yes. Tackiness. Christmas. Ugly Christmas Lights has already gotten the season in full swing, complete with a Rudolph that must have been polishing his antlers with Viagra. And there's this debacle which is described perfectly in the caption. Now get cracking on those pictures and links. There's tackiness in every neighborhood, if you just take the time to hunt it down. Am I the only one mesmerized by Kylie's ass?


No,its not just you,I need to do the twelve-step for my obsession with Kylie's ass.

Cute girl, but way too skinny for me.

I thought the Victoria Beckham statue was amazingly lifelike, but then I realized it was because she looks so much like a mannequin in real life.

I make it a point never to be mezmerized by an ass that I cannot apprehend with all five senses. To do other is madness.

Mmmm... Ass...

Tacky you ask? I give you...

Jesus Dress Up!

Kylie's ass is the reason we (about a dozen of us) saw Biodome 2 times, in a row, when it came out.

Just you and half of England.