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once we were rock and roll, now we're yanni

This is definitely the most interesting comment thread I've read in ages. On many levels. The title of this post refers to this particular comment. I'll have more to say about it in the morning. Go keep an eye on this one. Update: Ilyka wonders if we aren't more Tesh or Hasselhoff instead of Yanni. Me, I was thinking Nickelback. I'll leave you to figure that out.


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See, and I thought we've always been Yanni. Go figure.

You know, you keep this up and you're gonna be drummed out of the Great Blog Revolution Appreciation Society.

One level I noticed is that one guy is totally shattering the one thread record for use of the word "lame"

Holy fucking shit, it got even funnier since the last time I read it a couple hours ago. By the time I got to the bit about "if pride were the only motivator, communism would have worked" I may have been actually crying. It's funny 'cause it's true.

"if pride were the only motivator, communism would have worked"

Ha. That was me. I was groaning even as I typed it . . . but yeah, it is true. Gotta get my anti-commie kicks in where I can.

My favorite so far is the guy who tracked back to my post with his endorsement...for someone else.

I'm tempted to give him my address so he can stop by and screw my wife.

Yeah,be bashin' on Yanni,but who's the Travolta or Eddie Murhpy here?Say what you will,but they cracked a hit AND got to hang with Olivia Neutron Bomb and Rick James BYATCH!!!

I love how the f'n experts come out of the woodwork in threads like this -- and nary a one of 'em has a blog.

One big sociological experiment! We're SOAKING in it!

Oh gosh, you conservatives must have a really hard time with this contest. So many choices of who to vote for!

If you're not a conservative, you have one choice or, in some cases, no choice in most categories.

Anyway, to your post and your point, I'm okay with being Yanni or Morrissey or (dare I say it) Tesh. I just don't want to be Dexy's Midnight Runners.

One of those bullshit trackbacks, I guess, because I'm not seeing where he actually linked that particular post. But he sure did endorse someone else.

Belly up to the buffet of truth--oh, the things I would do to my eyeballs in retrospect to have spared myself the sight of that.

If you're not a conservative, you have one choice or, in some cases, no choice in most categories.

Should've nominated more nonconservative weblogs then. Just one year I'd like not to see this tired complaint. I'm no fan of Wizbang, but even I can figure out that if you have a somewhat-conservative guy running a somewhat-conservative weblog, odds are you're going to see a somewhat-conservative list of nominees.

Where'd the DIY ethic go, huh?

Where'd the DIY ethic go, huh?

They're progressives. The want the state to do it for them.

The amount of deep caring about this wankfest is pretty off-putting. (Heck, I think that's the general point the former Creator of Worlds was trying to get across). I blame BlogAds and N.Z. Bear.

Also, I endorse Treacher. Because Puce cracks me up like nothing else on the Internet.

What's the record for non-endorsements? Anybody know? Because I must be getting close.

Because I must be getting close.

Theoretically, you should be able to parlay all the nonendorsements into a late pity-vote surge ahead of the competition.


I heartily non-endorse Jeff G's blog. Hope that puts you over the top.

Ilyka - Alot of blogs were nominated but didn't make his final cut for whatever reason.

I don't want pity, Ilyka. I want big time blog riches. I want groupies and roadies and a little person who I can call "Mitch" (even know his name is, like, Jason or somesuch) whose sole job it is to open up my bottled water for me. I want to be able to pat him on his little head and say, "good job with the water, there, Mitch."

Oh. And one of those toilet seats with the fur lining. Sweeeeeeeeet.

I wonder if the lefties are going to come out on top in the evolution of blogs? They may be way behind right now, but they have the advantage of being able to survive on bile. Conservative/right wing/neo-con/non-liberal bloggers all have the philosophical disadvantage of eventually wanting to be remunerated for the work.

Tesh is worse than Yanni. No question.

Jeff, I just want to win. Make me an offer and I'll throw my endorsement your way.

I can be bought.

Here's my offer, Meryl: If you think I deserve it, vote for me.

What can I say? I'm old fashioned and idealistic.

And I have a lovely singing voice.

"I never liked any of you sonsobitches, but I always wished I could have."

I swear it.