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Now that's what I call Karma

Those of you who particpate in Strengthen the Good might remember Debi Faris, whose Garden of Angels was an StG charity choice in October. Debi's Garden of Angels is a project involves "providing dignified burials to infants when they're found, and encouraging parents to avoid making that choice in the first place." Last week, Debi Faris won 27 million dollars in the California lottery. That's a beautiful thing, isn't it?


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I'm still stunned by the number in that first link--88 abandoned infants.


That's 88 too many.

Good for Ms. Faris.

And YOU say there is no God, Michele.


What a well deserving woman. (Meanwhile, how soon will it be for the first troll to ask why a supposed religious person and one who asks for charities was playing the lottery.... Answer: BECAUSE IT'S FUN!!!)

i hope i'd be good enough to donate a large chunk of my money to something like that if i ever win.

Wow. Good for her.

a-motherfucking-mazing. Even though you had nothing to do with it, and in no way made a contribution to this particular woman winning the lottery; it makes you feel good inside. That's so weird.