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things no one understands but me

Watching Welcome Back Kotter reruns this week, I realized that one of the most underrated/forgotten comedic moments to ever grace a tv screen is when John Travolta's Vinnie Barbarino imitates a drug user in the Very Special Episode where Washington gets hooked on painkillers. Gimme drugs! Gimme drugs! I'm not saying it ranks up there with Rev. Jim getting his driver's license, but it's still a great moment nonetheless. Yea, your mileage may vary.


How about when Jessie Spanno Got hooked on Caffeine pills in Saved By The Bell...

"I'm So Excited! I'm So Excited! I'm.... So..... SCARED!!"

Now that's a good one

I cannot watch that Taxi series because there's always the chance that Alex's dog expisode will come up.

I've spent days in bed after seeing that one.

I think the WBK debate team episode was the best. Although, the "gimme drugs" deal was funny, too.

Whaaaaaaaaat.... doessssssss...

Everytime my girlfriend and I are up late enough to catch the Taxi reruns I try to explain the sublime brilliance of that scene to her. She doesn't get it yet, but someday she'll see it and she'll know.

Though I'd say it gets some pretty stiff competition from the WKRP turkey thing.

Gimme drugs! Gimme drugs!

How sad is it that I recognized the episode immediately? Friends and I used to throw that line around when we were high.

OMG Joshua. I found a download of the KRP Turkey Day ep on eDonkey over the Thanksgiving holiday. Made LiveJournal icons from it and everything. Lordy how I love that episode!

"Well, Mr. Colley, a lot of turkeys don't make it through Thanksgiving..." (Jennifer doing damage control on the phone)

Truly the apotheosis of John Travolta's acting career.