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Fiction for Charity, Part V

This one is for Mike, who sent me a photo he took himself and it so inspired me that I started writing a short novel instead of a short story. For info on the fiction for charity thing, see here. Thank you, Mike, for your donation and inspiration. I've still got three stories to go. The story is here: No Spitting. More fiction here. The good citizens of ASV land have raised $555 for the Friends of Iraqi blogger challenge so far. Thank you all.


Spectacular, as usual, but I wouldn't call it a novella. It's really not much longer than what I typically submit to a short fiction magazine. What is it, 2,000 words? Maybe 3,000?

Most publishers cap somewhere between 3 and 5 for short fiction.

Great job, though, truly inspiring.

Gabe, this is only a first installment (read the complete introductory description above the title).

Thrilled to be of assistance, Michele. Can't wait to see where this one leads...

I should probably read more than just the story itself before commenting.