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dead lights, dead pool

Spent the day decorating the bay window all nice for Christmas with lights and (tasteful) moving, lit up objects and such only to find out that the outlet underneath the window is fubared. Blew a fuse when I turned the lights on. Have I mentioned that U believe the previous owner booby trapped the house? Anyhow, Laurence has opened the 2005 Dead Pool. I've decided to play again this year, even though in 2003, none of my chosen people died. I guess that's a good thing. So I'm taking suggestions for the 2005 pool. Help me out here. I don't want to go 0-for the year again.


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The pope is always a good bet,and we could reasonably expect the she-beast who will not be named to OD at any given moment,but I suppose that also would apply to Courtney Love.Rehnquist a maybe.

mbruce beat me to it. I'd have to put the pope on such a list.

Hopefully (pray like crazy) Ted Kennedy will make the list and deliver as well.

And as a bonus Teddy comes pre-embalmed!

Cmmon Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong Il and Fred Phelps! (Okay, that's more of a wish list. I suppose I should also list some folks I am either ambivilant about or like but think will die anyway.
- Sen. Robert Byrd
- George Kennan (He's a centenarian, you know.)
- Steven Tyler
- Tony Bennett
- Gerald Ford
- Vince Mcmahon
- Jerry Orbach
- Former Wyoming Governor Cliff Hanson

And for an out of the blue death no one expects, I pick ......... Toby Keith.

Is this like a wishlist or just a betting pool? Ah, what the hey.

Corey Haim
Ricky Martin
Jacques Chirac
Osama Bin Laden

I can't write the name. He works in the federal government and he's had a lot of problems related to heart disease.

My prediction is not to be misunderstood as what I necessarily want to happen. It's what I THINK will happen.

Elizabeth Taylor is a sure bet.

Dan Rather

He has nothing to live for now that he is on his way out of the chair.

Larry King...he's due.

Well, I will have to agree with Patrick and put Sen. Robert Byrd (KKK-WV) on the list. But that's mainly because I live close enough to West Virginia that I'm tired of seeing every slab of concrete there named after the old coot. So I'd be satisfied if only his Senate career died.

Giambi, Jason (or at least dead to the Yankees)
The Dixie Chicks (at least as a band)
Kissinger (just so the MSM can spend a day saying nothing but good things about the DR.)
Anyone speaking out against Muslims in Amsterdam.

The Pope and Gerald Ford seem like pretty good bets, though neither is a death that I would wish for. I don't think that Dick Cheney is all that likely to go yet, after all, he had his first heart attack in the late 70s and he survived up to this point.
Senator Byrd would seem a good choice, but evil Southern politicians seem to live forever. Not sure if its the bourbon or the evil that preserves them, but there it is.

Lady Bird Johnson is still kicking somehow. She's due.

Personally, I'm betting on Arafat to stay dead.

I hope I do better this year...last year I was horrible. Only saved from oblivion and humiliation by Arafat snuffing it.

I'd make a suggestion or two, but...