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The ASV Arbitraries, Part II

See here for explanation and the first batch of awards. * Movie that met and exceeded all of my expectations: Shaun of the Dead * Movie I watched just because I have this obsession with Lindsay Lohan's boobs, which sucked so much I swear I heard the sound of my brains being sucked down a vortex of suckiness: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen * Movie I watched which exceeded my non-expectations and which also restored my faith in Lindsay Lohan's boobs: Mean Girls * Best remake of a cherished movie that I really liked despite it breaking the unwritten rules regarding zombie movement: Dawn of the Dead * Movie that I had no expectations of when I went to see but fell in love with and have quoted extensively since seeing it: Napoleon Dynamite * Favorite gaming moment of 2004: killing Ewoks That's it for now. I'm trying to get that song list finished before I go crazy with the annotations.


"The defect in this is bleach."

-"You know I'm training to become a cage fighter."
-- "Are you kidding, you have like
the worst relexes of anyone I

Heh. That was my favorite gaming moment, too. Second was driving an AT-AT..


Your lists are becoming some of my best happy moments (but I still disagree with your "white lights suck")


In the spirit of randomness, I'm soliciting good thoughts and wishes that my daughter's, Siobhan, band wins their division today at Southern California championships!! She's Drum Major, and a senior. This is the last field show for me after 12 yrs as a band mom.

Just remember, football only exists as the opening act for the field show!!

I enjoyed "Freaky Friday "(what is it with Lindsay, I have an obsession thing going too) and "13 going on 30". "Dawn of the Dead" was so fun!

Random thought: if one were to create a religion dedicated to Lindsay Lohan's breasts, might that not give a whole new spin to the 'laying on of hands'?...

"your mom goes to college!" - Kip.

most underrated napoleon dynamite line. ever.

Sure, the world wide web is great, but you... you make me salvivate.

Anyone know how soon "Sean" will be out on DVD?I loved that movie.

"Napoleon Dynamite" is one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen. It ranks with "Ferris Bueller" as a movie I will probably quote obscurely for the rest of my flippin' life.

I'm afraid Lindsay Lohan's boobs are not worthy of your faith, Michele.

My favorite gaming moment* was returning my "scratched" copy of Call of Duty (Xbox) to Best Buy, receiving a sealed replacement, and selling that sealed replacement for a $5 profit on ebay.

Stay away from all console versions of Call of Duty. Evidently a different design team than the PC version design team handled it, and they did everything within their power to create the shittiest video game I have ever played. Impossible to aim, unclear objectives, and AI "teammates" who would apparently rather stand around chit-chatting with the Nazis (while obstructing your path/viewpoint) than maybe shooting one once in a while. And an online mode which was clearly programmed and designed by a four year old. Words cannot begin to describe how much I despised this game, and WWII shooters are my favorite types of video games.

The PC version of COD and the expansion pack both have my highest recommendation, though.

*Also, shooting Gungans just to hear them scream. Even when they were on my team.

I SO want to see Sean of the Dead (is it out yet on DVD? Gotta run to Netflix.) I saw the Dawn of the Dead last friday, and I thought it was pretty darn good (I didn't remember it getting good reviews - or any reviews, really.) But YIKES, on them doing away with the one cherished myth regarding zombies - what are we to do when we can't outrun them?