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of wrong numbers and steve perry. geddy lee and stuff

I deserve an award. Specifically, this one: Most egrarious error in a sequentially numbered list: Me, for mis-numbering a bunch of songs on my 500 songs list. Which means I have 110 songs left to go, not 100. Actually, 107 as I just added a few. I'm going to be working on this tonight as it's the only way to combat my other great error of the day, which was telling both my children that they could have friends over tonight. Holy noise levels, batman. And why do these kids always arrive at 5pm and ready to devour any food in sight? Don't their parents feed them? Anyhow, I'm fooling around with the title tags on the 500 list - I think that's how I'll do the annotations. The problem is, the tags don't show up in their entirety on Firefox, so I'll have to figure out a workaround for that. You'll have to suffer with another browser for now if you want to read them. And, in a move nobody could have predicted, Journey makes an appearance on my favorite songs list. Along with some hippie music. Also, I've been thinking about adding Rush's Spirit of Radio, but I keep getting stuck on the canned applause towards the end of the song (after the concert hall line). It's just so cheesy. But is it cheesy enough to eliminate the song from contention?


Not sure if you've had these suggestions already, Michele, but...

The Who - Baba O'Reilly
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone
The Pixies - Where is my mind
Damien Rice - Cannonball
The Band - The Weight
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere over the rainbow
Elliot Smith - Miss Misery
Idlewild - American English
Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm
The Faces - Ooh La La
Yo Yo Ma - Bach Cello Suite 1
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Not good. Paul Revere? I can name 500 Beastie Boys songs that are better. Oh well, to each their own.

I think Schindler's List had better songs on it.

Oh! it worked for me with firefox!! Did you have dance to go along with "lovin' touchin' squeezin" ?

Since we're approximately the same age, I'm surprised at the dearth of Country Fried Rock tunes on the chart. It was popular for a spell in the developmentally significant 1979-mid 1979 period.

Two choices:
Green Grass and High Tides
something, anything by Foghat

My hunch is that Michele was a freakazoid who reported to the dance floor, but that's not in the genre ... maybe 'Rapture' by Blondie? My preference would be 'The Hardest Part' - the '25 tons, of hardened steel' song.

A second Ramones tune could be worth a slot in the coveted 400-500 range.

And, IF MOON WAS COOKIE? -- jeez o'grady ... "The Goodbye Song' by Bear and Luna (of Bear and the Big Blue House)is the most musically interesting kid's song to appear on television since Grammar Rock.

Speaking of which ... VERB: That's What's Happening is deserving of consideration or at least rememberance. It certainly was a better song than Conjunction Junction.

Tom Petty is a no-show.

George Thoroughgood and the Delaware Destroyers 'Bad to the Bone' has become cliche, but there was a time when it wasn't.

One Talking Heads song - Take me to the River would make a fine accompaniment.

Right Said Fred - The Swan is a better song than 'I'm Too Sexy', but - then - what isn't.

Frankie Says 'Hey Me Too' - 'Relax' is relentless.

and, lastly, Billy and the Boingers - "You Stink, but I "heart" You" ... because Deathtongue's Song 'Middle of the Road, man it stanks / let's run Lionel Ritchie over with a tank' never made it into general release.


Talking Heads - Psycho Killer #159
Outlaws - Hurry Sundown #267
Foghat - Slow Ride #46

Drew, notice that it isn't called 500 of Drew's Favorite Songs.

Since no one else has weighed in on your question yet, I'd say to keep Spirit of Radio, the applause may be cheesy, but the rest of the song more than makes up for it.

Funny, that applause bit in "Spirit of Radio" always took it down a peg in my book, as well. Always preferred "Free Will" myself, but it's a mater of degree rather than magnitude. Yek, rambling. Keep "Spirit of Radio", it rocks, despite that one so-very-lame bit.

New World Man. No cheesy applause.

The live version of Spirit of Radio is better. The applause is real then ;-) But yeah, Freewill's a good sub for the "mainstream audience". (I'd of course peg "Natural Science" as their best of that era).

I'd keep Spirit of Radio - it rocks!

But then, Rush has so damn many songs that rock, its kinda difficult to narrow down to just a couple.

Oooh oooh!!! (Car 54 Toody and Muldune voice)
"Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"
Gotta have it! OW!

I'll chime in as another geek for Rush...

I'd argue that the canned applause is an afterthought - if it goes on your list at all it should be for the opening seconds of guitar that are wicked cool.

As for non-applause alternatives, Limelight has two things going for it: great guitar work and technically perfect rhymes in the lyrics. Through in the pretentious literary reference and it's Rush in a nutshell. Except for the fact that it's a pretty short song.

I mean, "THROW in the pretentious literary reference..."

Yeah, the applause line is cheesy, its even more so when you see them live (cue house lights)... but when it's live, it works. Every time I hear the song, I remember the concert; and It Rocked.


Drew, notice that it isn't called 500 of Drew's Favorite Songs.

I swear I will never figure out why you even let yourself in for this. But props for doing it.

You actually had me searching "Journey" in the browser to see what song. Journey does suck overall, but I pretty much think if you're of a certain age and don't have a weakness for at least one of their songs, you have no soul. Besides, even the cheesiest song can be associated with good times. "Sentimental value" would be reason enough for me to list a few things.

Glad to see Rush's "Subdivisions" makes an appearance. "Signals" has other worthy candidates - "The Analog Kid" rocks pretty well, and "New World Man" is a neat little tune - I don't think I've ever heard a song which encapsulates so succinctly America's place in the world ("Trying to save the day for the Old World Man. Trying to pave the way for the Third World Man."). I am a Georgetown School of Foreign Service graduate, and I used the lyrics to New World Man to open my senior thesis.

So I'm driving to work yesterday bustin' my 47-year-old brain trying to remember the name of the lead singer for Rush...thanks Michele. I hate getting old!


I have a couple of questions. Given your love for music, how many lps and cds do you own? And do you download many mp3s?

Do you know the origin of the song, Spirit of Radio? It's a hommage to local(Toronto) CFNY 102.1,which became one of North America's original alternative stations,back in 1977,known for having no playlists and being a pioneer for many a punk and new wave band, notably, The Police.Rush were driving along the QEW highway early one morning, and CFNY played all 22 glorious minutes of "Suppers Ready".That was unheard of, but typical of the station.CFNY later co-opted the sig line, Spirit of Radio, and Rush were revered as fine Hoseheads of superlative taste.Those were heady days, when radio was fun and personalities mattered.

CFNY's cutting edge spawned CITY-TV's Much Music and The New Music, bringing the well coiffed locks of one J.D. Roberts into out homes each Friday night.J.D, is now the seriously pompous CBS bingo caller, John Roberts, heir apparent of Dan Rather.He will always be just a boy toy to those who remember when...

It this a Kevin Bacon moment, or what?

Spirit of Radio belongs on the list, imo - the applause would only be cheesy if, when they did it in concert, no one really applauded. IMHO, of course.

No Red Barchetta? Man . . . :-)

You got my vote for Best Taste in Music 2004, hands down. Well, except for a couple of inexplicable entries (Primus?) on that list...hahahaha

Slayer-Pantera-Zeppelin-Pink Floyd-Violent Femmes-QotSA-Sepultura...etc... VERY Kool!

Did we used to hang out in high school or college or something?

(I'm STILL sick of Spirit of Radio, but I could listen to 2112 on a continuous repeat loop for days.)


Michelle, put down the mouse and STEP AWAy from the comouter. For the love of God, NO MORE JOURNEY.

Satan is tormenting Yasir Arafat with that song 24/7.

The very idea that Journey could EVER make the list has sent me into spasms of depression and I'm seriously contemplating putting out a contract on your CD collection.

In the name of all that's holy, please reconsider.

Or at least add Guadalcanal Diary's "Cattle Prod"

Gee, Joe. If I took out the Journey and added your suggestion then it would look more like Joe's list than MY list. And guess whose list it is? I'll give you one guess and the answer ain't Joe.

Yes, please put "Spirit of Radio" in, although in my opinion there's so much "Rush Listening Goodness" that it's hard to not include several of their songs.

Your Journey entry is OK.
BUT, "wheel in the sky" is mucho better.

I saw them "live" (lip-sync'd?) on the midnight special could have been this episode here: http://tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/GuidePageServlet/showid-2974/epid-207455
The first I had heard of Journey and it was very powerful.

I'd like to suggest something from Bat out of Hell be included on your/Michele's/not_joe's/not_drew's list.

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
Two out of three ain't Bad
Bat out of Hell
or even paradise by the dashboard light

I paged through the Rolling Stone top 500 list and through some of the follow-up top 50 lists that were posted in response across the blogosphere and I am stunned that one song was left off of everyone's list that should probably be included. Chris Isaac - Wicked Game. That song is thoroughly listenable and able to embed itself in the subconscious the way very few songs are.

Please consider it for your list.

Rush have been nominated for a Best Rock Instrumental Performance Grammy Award for the Track “O Baterista” from Rush In Rio (For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, without vocals. Includes Rock, Hard Rock and Metal. Singles or Tracks only.)
Other Nominees in this category include:

Instrumental Illness
The Allman Brothers Band
Track from: One Way Out
Los Lonely Boys
Track from: Los Lonely Boys
[Epic Records]
O Baterista
Track from: Rush In Rio
[Anthem/Atlantic Records]
Whispering A Prayer
Steve Vai
Track from: G3 Live: Rockin' In The Free World
[Epic Records]
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
Brian Wilson
Track from: Brian Wilson Presents Smile
[Nonesuch Records]