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I shall now regale you with post one of several posts which will detail in vague terms my favorite things of the past year. In a random sort of way. Presenting, the 2004 ASV Awards for Random, Abritrary and Subjective Opinions Which Matter To No One Else But the Presenter of Said Award * Book that I took out of the library but liked so much I purchased it and read it again: Blankets. * Book I took out of the library because everyone and their sister raved about it so much I took it to be the reading equivalent of an orgasm but five pages in, I decided I didn't even care enough to fake the moans: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. * Book I thought was going to be fantastic based on the writer's previous works but which ended up "tasting like ass": Summerland.' * Album that came out in 2003 but which I listened to obsessively in 2004: Brand New - Deja Entendu * Song which I found myself inexplicably singing and enjoying: Encore/Curtains Down - Eminem feat. 50 Cent, Dr. Dre * Best album by one of my favorite artists ever whose last album disappointed me but man, did he come through on this one: Abattoir Blues/Lyre Of Orpheus - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds * Worst musical idea that used to be a trendy sort of thing in a quiet way but now is ubiquitous in a horrid, ear burning way: Mash-ups * Band that did nothing to make me think they got any better over the years: Godsmack * Band that put out an album in which they cringingly sound like middle aged men trying to keep relevant while rapping in a "let's buy a corvette and have an affair with a 20 year old blonde" sort of way and personally, I don't think they succeeded but I'll let it go because I have a long history with them: Beastie Boys * Worst band name ever that became fairly well known in 2004: Hooboostank * Song which at first blush I hated in a way one would hate any band that was obviously struggling to pull off a Geddy Lee affectation, but which grew on me so much that I finally appreciated the song for what it was, despite the Geddy Lee thing; Coheed & Cambria - A Favor House Atlantic Ok, That's all I have time for right now as we have our annual holiday luncheon today and I'm gearing up for some free food and drinks, which takes a certain amount of concentrated energy to gear up for. I have about fifteen of these posts in me, I think. Fair warning and all. If you have suggestions for categories, be they straight forward or assinine like some of these, let me know. Update: Ok, I think I'll shorten this to the ASV Abritraries. Has a nice ring to it. Update: Weird. Before I left for lunch, there was a graphic on this post. When I got back, it was gone, the code wiped from the post. I put it back. Now let's see if it stays put.


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Does this mean you won't be endorsing nominees for the Weblog awards?

I'm on pins and needles ovuh heah.

Oh, and ditto on Coheed & Cambria. It grates to this day, but credit where credit is due: That's the only song in rotation on Fuse that sounds different from everything else.

yeah, hoobastank is teh suxxor. one of my friends came back from a show and exclaimed "Hoobastank hoobafuckingsucks bro!" My respect for his conversational usage and creative prose immediatley inflated.

Possible categories:
Most useless, pointless could'vegonemywholelifewithoutyouletalonethisyear public figure. Strictly reserved for those who said nothing/did nothing/are nothing but were somehow everywhere. Examples: Paris Hilton, Donald Trump (again), Bill Clinton.

Person/Object/Event which instills the most powerful urge to vomit. Examples: Paris Hilton, Reality TV, the election results.

Scariest New Elected Official. How bout that senator from Oklahoma who thinks leasbianism is so rampant in public schools that only one female should be allowed to go to the bathroom at a time?

Best Breakout Performance. Examples: Paris Hilton ('Move, I can't See Myself), The Killers (musical debut), Dean McCain (YEAAAHHH!).

How about the "Band that is being pushed down our throats even though they ceased being relevant or remotely cool more than 10 yeears ago": R.E.M.

worst album that I had expected to be great, based on previous works: "Blackout" by the Dropkick Murphys.

I will order that Nick Cave album ASAP. I haven't heard much of it yet, but the man is a demigod.

Godsmack's music may be getting worse, but their stage show is quite a bit better than when I saw them touring with their first album.

Of course, my opinion could be an artifact of the fact that I was watching them from the second row this time around (outdoors on the edge of the crowd last time).

Do yourself a favor and buy the entire Coheed and Cambria CD if you don't have it already, and the previous one as well. They are both really good, and the one with A Favor House Atlantic is probably one of the best albums put out this year, IMO. I bought it and listened to it in my car for about 3 weeks nonstop.

Nifty thing about Hoobastank's name: the band members ran into Jim Carey at a party & asked him to name their band, as they were having trouble agreeing on anything. Without hesitation, he announced, "You shall be known as Hoobastank!"

At least that's what I hear.

Gotta love random Tim Curry

Michele, there are two books I can think of that I tried to read and simply could not finish: "Moby Dick" and "Slaughterhouse Five".

"Moby Dick" just bored me to death and I couldn't get into it.

"Slaughterhouse Five" was so all over the place that I couldn't follow it.

There's also a CD from a group I like that I can't listen to: "V" by Live. It's just plain awful.