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Fiction for Charity, Part III

This one is for Dave H., who chose one of my husband's photographs for me to work with. I was immediately inspired by the photo to dust off something I started writing ages ago, which was a hybrid of a real life dream and a short novel that was started and stopped several times. For info on the fiction for charity thing, see here. Thank you, Dave, for your donation. I've still got four stories to go. Thus far. Oh, the story. It's here: Refund.


wow. Gracie must be Carrie's twin, separated at birth.

get it, fire and ice? oh, how I do amuse me. except that it seems Gracie's ice packs a special little punch of its own. Yes, I would like a side of insult with my piping hot (in this case, frozen solid) injury.

Good story.

I like that one.

Dear Michele,

Sorry to put this in comments but I don't know how else to contact you. I took the challenge but when I try to forward my receipt to you it gets returned as "destination server not found" (That's okay because I was going to make a donation anyway, but I really wanted a story!)


Have you ever thought of compiling these short stories into book form and sending them out to a publisher? I really do think you've got something here. Just a thought.