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songs Iím currently enjoying to the greatest fulfillment one can achieve through mainstream rock music

Taking Back Sunday - This Photograph is Proof Green Day - Jesus of Surburbia The Killers - Mr. Brightside My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Ok Interpol - Slow Hands Franz Ferdinand - This Fire Snow Patrol - Run


Ha! My title is longer than yours! :p

I like three days grace. I know there your typical post-grunge manufactured angst laced over pounding rythym, but sometimes, thats what a body needs. In rush hour traffic.

we don't get to hear much cool, interesting music in this particular part of BFO (bumfuck Oregon), but on a trip to L.A. in September i was saturated with goodies. I became a rabid Interpol fan. I just can't decide who they remind me of more- Joy Division, Adorable, Chameleons? All of the above? Good stuff, maynard.

I've tried to like FF! I really have. They just kinda remind me of plain oatmeal.

I love me the Franz. And their next album will be produced by Dan The Automator. I'm almost tingly in anticipation.

I'm currently "in love" with a Johnny Cash cover of Personal Jesus. I know, I'm weird.

Good call on the Snow Patrol. I haven't bought their latest, but I have the others and love them.

Is that song a single somewhere?

"Chocolate" is pretty good from Snow Patrol.

I've been listening to Snow Patrol like a crazy person since "Run" was an iTunes free download over the summer. Liked the free download enough to get the CD and have been listening ever since.

On that Franz Ferdinand song, has anyone figured out why they keep saying, "we're gonna burn this CD, burn this CD"???

The whole "The Killers" album is good, although Mr. Brightside and Jenny Is A Friend Of Mine are my favorite songs.

If you're into humorous stuff, a few months ago "Trend" by Frickin' A made a brief appearance, and I heard a song by The Matches called "Eryn Smith" that I also enjoyed. Funny, but serious. That sort of thing.

You need to get an XM. You will hear things you never thought you'd hear on the radio.

As for Snow Patrol and the new band du jour, Interpol... well, they got overplayed for me, and now I just can't listen to them.

And if you like Franz Ferdinand, turn off the music in Madden 2005, or you will quickly come to hate them.

Could you help me with one thing? Is the band name first or if that the song title?

i went to see snow patrol and franz ferdinand play back in july - i love them both.