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We're supposed to be having an evactuation drill at some point today. I guess they got tired of us not responding when the alarm goes off or there's yet another bomb/anthrax threat. So just some quick things before they send us outside into the cold for who knows how long. Two new (to me) blogs that I've become enamored of: I read the comics so you don't have to. I've written many times about my disdain for the recent years of newspaper comics. This blog takes that disdain to a new level. Funny, well written and right on target. The Grand Staircase. Beautiful, descriptive writing from a guy who travels a lot. There's a slight mystery involved in this blog and figuring it out has left me intrigued enough about something to head to the library after work. And just because I haven't linked it in a long while, go read Acid Keg. As for Jason Giambi, I'm not shocked, not even slightly surprised. Sad? Yes. Disappointed? Very. Of course I knew this was coming, it's just disheartening to actually see it all admitted. The Giambi jersey is retired from the wardrobe as of today. And my growing animosity towards professional sports deepens. It is my goal today to, in between evactuation drills and real work, complete the 100 last songs on the list as well as finish off three already started short stories for the charity thing. In fact, I will not blog again until at least the song list and one story is done. Now, go read those good blogs I linked.


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I am a complete seamhead, a baseball fan (freak)...and with the news of Giambi shooting up with 'roids and the pending naming of names that will result later this week, I feel bad for the young kids who idolize players who have admitted taking 'roids to enhance their game, I have thought about the implications of their idols providing the impression that taking 'roids is ok and something that you won't get punished for yet alone tested for, and it is basically not frowned upon by the sport enough to ban players or have them suffer any real consequences for their actions, the real consequences come years after takeing the substances, the affects on your health and the possibility of even dying from taking the substances...the real losers here are those who don't realize the results of taking 'roids and other substances/drugs to enhance your 'game', then there's Barry Bonds, the poster child of steroid use in baseball, the one player who continues to avoid the implication he uses 'roids and who's own trainer supplied Giambi with his supply, I want to say guilt by association here, I want to believe it's all not true, but I can't bring myself to believe what is simply not true...

Jesus, I can't keep the Yankees straight... which is the doper and which is the juicer and which is the queer?

Hey Michele, don't blame all of baseball for the Yankees' problems.

Yea, because Giambi is the ONLY person in the major leagues on steroids. Get a grip, Joe.

Well, there's Sheffield, but that was just an accident.

Poor Farmer Joe.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Although, they come second to those that can't see because they are blinded by hatred.

Oh, Angel. Don't be sad because your team is falling apart. You'll survive it.

Giambi got caught. Like cockroachs, for every one witnessed thee are 200 lurking in the shadows. Steroids are prevalent throughout society; high schools, colleges, even in my gym I know juicers and I have the opportunity to buy. However, most types of gear shrink your nuts (I don't care if it may be temporary). Enough said. Not to mention a lot of the stuff on the street is designed for vetrenary(sp?) use.

That being said, Giambi is very rich and was likely being monitored by a docter (Nick?), so he's likely very healthy. Few really die from steroids (usually death occured combined with other drugs) and the authorities only care about gear when "big names" are using and can be brought down. You won't find 15 year old girls dancing until 9 am on steroids; the alarmist aspect of it isn't there.

So yeah, who cares.

How do you spell relief? M-E-T-S

Thanks for pointing me to I Read The Comics So You Don't Have To. Funniest blog by far I've discovered since Treacher; I just spent a good portion of the day laughing as I read through the archives.