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Charity Blogging: I'm a Loner, Dotty - A Rebel

Today is the start of the big push for the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge (made possible through Spirit of America) (click the image for my original post on this) Like the last SoA challenge, some bloggers have gotten together to form teams and some, like me, are going solo. There's a few reasons for going it alone this time. Mostly, I don't have - at the moment - the time and energy that is necessary to put into a team effort. I would start to feell like I was dragging a team down with my puny attempts at fundraising. Besides, no one asked me to join their team this year - for the past few weeks I've been sort of relegated to the Island of Misfit Toys. Which is fine with me. Because I'm a loner......yea, you got that already. Also, I thought I concentrated too much on the competition aspect last time out. This time, I'd like to raise money in a competition free environment. I'm obviously not going to "win" the challenge by raising the most money, but I will do what I can to raise a nice amount (there's already $377 in the pot under the name of ASV). As I've already mentioned here, I will be offering in return for your donation to Friends of Iraq under the ASV name, a piece of short fiction. I've already written two stories for people who donated, you can find them here (they are noted with an asterisk). Read this post for instruction/details on the story writing bit. It's all I have to offer you this time, except my thanks. I'm calling it Fiction for Charity. Clever, I know. So if you've got a few extra bucks laying around and a charitable heart and you like me better than anyone else on this list, or you pity me, or I have blackmail material on you, then you know what to do. The A Small Victory donation page is here. I'll be doing daily reminders from now until December 15, when the drive ends. Good luck to all the teams and individual bloggers taking part in the Friends of Iraq challenge.


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Which misfit toy are you? I am partial to the squirt gun that shoots jelly. You strike me as a charlie-in-the-box. Mournful, depressed, yet able to rise above your nature and get things done you wouldn't have thought possible.

I'm still waiting for my dedication post for the last challenge.