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Waxing poetic

First and foremost, big, wet, thank you kisses (the platonic kind!) to Mike Hendrix for sending me Don't Panic and Interstate 60. You made this sick day a good one. Much good karma to you. Read two books today instead of spending the day wrapped in a blanket at the computer. This was a great book until the last twenty pages or so, when it got a bit carried away. This was quite good all the way through. In other news, I've made it to 400 on my 500 songs list. I'm really trying to round out the last 100 without resorting to "Well, that Poison song really wasn't that bad." In the last half hour, I've been spending my time Farking and composing my own lyrics (to amuse myself in that overly medicated, feverish sort of way) for the musical version of Karate Kid.
Wax on Wax off Wax off Wax on Mr. Miyagi? Yes Daniel Son? I don't wish to stand like a seagull anymore I'm tired of painting the fence It's all such a bore Oh please just once can't I use my mad karate skills to show the guys at All Valley how to get some kills? Wax on Wax off Wax off Wax on Oh my confused Daniel Son you must find your happy place You cannot win by smashing face Etc., etc. I think I've had enough NyQuil/Robitussin cocktails for now. Update: Don't miss Allah's lyrics in the comments.


Daniel San! Awrays rook eye!!

DAMN... you completely ignored every single one of my suggested songs, then went and put on one I didn't dare offer up -- Genesis' "Supper's Ready." I gotta trust my instincts more...


(But isn't there room for just one Jim Steinman song?)

Is this all there is?
Learning karate ways
From the short order cook
Who was on "Happy Days"?

Is this all there is?
Miyagi's destiny?
Teaching crane kicks to dago
From "My Cousin Vinny"?

Always look eye
Although embarrassed, you must
Always look eye
When being harassed by some
Tow-headed homos
In skeleton suits
Respect must be shown
While you kick their patoots;
Sensei John Kreese was
The king of the fruits
Still -- always, always
Look eyyyyye

"Get him a body bag, Johnnnnny"
That's what they always say
Can't they see that inside this big blonde shell
Beats a heart that's latently gaaaaay?

I'm tired of being the bullllly
I'm bored with being the jerk!
Playing guys named "Chas" or "Greg" or "Jack"
With the hair and the height and the smirk.

I'm weary of being the heavy
Punching up on the hero-to-beeeeee
Why for once can't the awkward, swarthy nebbish who overcomes all odds by rising to the challenge and defeating the popular Aryan-looking kid in the final scene --
Why for once can't that man be meeeee?

Better yet, here's my offer to Daniel:
Find a couch, and o'er it I will bend.
If I have to receive a "comeuppance,"
I'll gladly taaaake
That comeuppance
In the ennnnnnnnd!

to tune of America (Westside Story):

I want to kick like Jean-Claude Van Damme!
(He wants to kick like Jean-Claude Van Damme)
Can I do splits like Jean-Claude Van Damme?
(Who really cares 'bout Jean-Claude Van Damme?)

I have a slave Mr. Daniel-son
My name is Mister Miyagi
I beat him if he wax off-wax on
With a belt from JC Penny

(repeat chorus)

I need to learn to make big kicks
Sensei he make me cut bonsai
I am not too good with chopsticks
I want to deep-six a housefly

(To the tune of "Over the Rainbow")

There's...no...fear in this dojo
We... teach... showing no mercy
Not how to catch a fly

There's...no...fear in this dojo
Make him beg
Put him...out of commission
No mercy sweep his leg.

oh man i can't believe i FORGOT Q-feel and Tin Tin! hrmph. too late now. Maybe on next year's favorite 5000.. rofl

Michelle, if I wasn't married, I'd chase after you simply for your musical tastes.!

You're welcome for the Amazon Goodness...

I love Interstate 60 myself and when I saw it on your wish list I couldn't resist.

Where did you come up with Hendrix though?

Merry (early) Christmas!