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Labor of Love, Still Going Strong

It is my goal that I will remove the "work in progress" line from that image before this weekend is over. I'm up to 329 and still taking suggestions. Thanks for the hundreds of suggestions thus far. I've used many of them, even if your songs just reminded me of something else I thought she be on the list. Please, for the love of jeebus, stop suggesting Creed. It's just not gonna happen. And stop dissing the Bay City Rollers.


do you have any social distortion yet? Beck? What about that song Mother by Danzig. the fugees? Will I get my asked kicked for suggesting Rush, Simon & garfunkel (the sound of silence), or the unstoppable duo of the Duke and Charlie Parker?

Yea, there's a Social D song (CTRL F is your friend) and Beck. And lord no on Mother, there are 100 other Danzig songs that are better.

Maybe some Rush.

Bay City Rollers? But no Beatles? Sorry, but I can't take this seriously.

Well, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously by anyone but me, Robert. And I don't like the Beatles.

Good luck on hitting 500 .. here are some other options/ideas


You've got Lamb lies down ... Dance on a Volcano might be another consideration.

peter gabriel - you've got 'Red Rain' ... of that ilk, "Biko" , "Lord Here Comes the Flood", "Solsbury Hill" might fit in your list somewhere.

One Bowie Song? Well ... if you haven't listened to 'Heroes' in a while, give it a try. Bowie's got a lot of different styles in his work - "Scary Monsters/Super Creeps"

Robert Fripp - "Exposure" - plus that Fripp album has the only good Daryl Hall song ever "You Burn Me Up (I'm a Cigarette)" which is very much a rock song.

And looking back over your list, here are some thoughts:

"Escalator of Life" - Robert Hazard

"White Punks on Dope" - The Tubes

"Original Rapper" Lou Reed - or "White Light, White Heat"

What, no Beatles? Are you totally deranged?

Haha, just kidding.

John Prine? Bob Marley? Sinatra? Any bluegrass?

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

Filter - Nice Shot

I refuse to comment any further until there is at least one (preferably, your arbitrary maximum of three.) Megadeth and Rollins Band song.

Oh yeah... no "Anarchy In The UK"?


oh, by the way, I finally got around to finishing and posting the post YOU DIDN'T write and dedicate to me... (if I may arbitrarily link my own site...)

The Four Horsemen

I'll second shank... Simon & Garfunkle (add The Boxer along with Sounds)

Clapton - Layla
CCR - Proud Mary
Santana - Oye como va
Crosby Stills Nash - Tin Soldier
Nat King Cole - Unforgettable
Roger Miller - King of the Road

Carlton here....

What's a list without some nonsense, and your readers know you need more nonsense,so add:

The Nails- 88 Lines About 44 Women

Screaming Blue Messiahs- Bikini Red

Sisters of Mercy- This Corrosion(coz they were silly)

Steve Jones- Mercy(he croons,grrrrrrrr)


Sweeney Todd-Roxy Roller

Goddo-Cock On

Transvision Vamp-I Want Your Love

Utah Saints-Something Good Is Gonna Happen

Vicious Pink-Take Me Now

...and for those with long memnories of AM Gold listening to happy tunes in the Rambler station wagon, nothing beats....

The Association-Windy

Possible Rush candidates
-- Passage to Bangkok
-- Something for Nothing
-- Red Barchetta
-- How It Is
-- 2112 (the whole side, complete with step-2-3-kick dancing during the opening)

Primus - Tommy The Cat

You know, I have been thinking about suggesting some Rush for the list, as I had not seen anyone mention them yet. But, since there are three other folks that mention them, I too will jump on that wagon. Can't beat The Spirit of Radio. Working Man. Natural Science is long enough to count for two spots on your list.

As long as we are talking aboot the Great White North, what aboot Take Off, the Bob and Doug Mackenzie track eh?

On a lighter note, something from Frampton Comes Alive.

In no particular order:
Devo- Whip It
Abba - Take a Chance
Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams
Tom Leher - The Elements
No Doubt - Hey Baby
Queen - It's a Kind of Magic

How about:
Blue Monday- New Order
What I Like About You- Romantics
Wicked- Ice Cube
Baby Got Back- Sir Mix-a-Lot
Owner of a Lonely Heart- Yes
Ain't No Sunshine (when she's gone)- Bill Withers
Let's Get It On- Marvin Gaye
Puttin' On the Ritz- any version
Mirror in the Bathroom- The English Beat
I Can See Clearly Now (the rain is gone)- Johnny Nash
James Bond theme- John Barry
Mission Impossible theme- Lalo Schifrin
Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics
Powerhouse- Raymond Scott
It's Your Thing- Isley Brothers

And maybe something from:
Stevie Wonder
James Brown

whoa, Carlton... blast from the past:

The Association-Windy

Oh my... I always associate "Cherish" by the Association with my first heartbreaking crush!! (um, when you're 11, is any crush NOT heartbreaking?)

Hmmm...couple more suggestions

Petula Clark - Downtown
Peggy Lee - Fever

sacred love - bad brains


Midnight Moses - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose
Take The Skinheads Bowling - Camper Van Beethoven
Don't Bang the Drum - The Waterboys
Ten Layers Down - Let's Active

then again, maybe not

Ace of Spades -- Motorhead

I could spend all day on this, but no list is complete without "Ace."


Petula Clark,Herb Alpert and the foxy senorita in the whipped cream,K-Tel Records...the music of my childhood.They maybe dopey, but they can still have me tapping a toe, and I bet MC would enjoy them when she doesn't want to bang her head:

Crazy Elephant-Gimme Gimme Good Lovin

Stampeders-Devil You

Dave Clark Five-Glad All Over

Box Tops-Soul Deep

Ambrosia-Nice Nice Very Nice

...then there's that fun theme to the movie,Kelly's Heroes, called Burning Bridges, by Mike Curb and The Congregation.FYI, he was the GOP Governor of Utah at the time!

Since you brought up Petula, I insist it be...the very brassy,got that 60's oomph, "I Know A Place".

Nothing before 1969? The first known organized attempt at songmaking is recorded as having happened several centuries ago.

Yeah, I know. This is a personal taste list and I don't much care for Gregorian chants either, but there are some great songs from the forties and fifties not to mention some of Schubert's lieder.

NIN, Ministry, Pitchshifter, but no Godflesh?

How about some Yes, like "All Good People" or "Heart of the Sunrise" etc?

Some Peter Gabriel, "Sledgehammer" "Red Rain"

Or Genisis (when Peter G. was still there) link "Dance on a Volcano" or "Carpet Crawlers"

Or the Kinks, one of the best old-school rock and roll bands.

Enjoyed your list. I saw Nick Cave (twice?) and Johnny Cash at least once. If you like both, seems like there's probably a Leonard Cohen song you would want on there. Hallelujah? First we take Manhattan? MaryAnn? Suzanne? Bird on a Wire?
Mr. P.

The Kinks, The Who and Led Zeppelin have loads of songs that belong in any top 500. Some odd favorites of mine that just make you happy to hear them:
Kung Fu Fighting, Carl Douglas
Werewolf of London, Warran Zevon
Happy Jack, The Who
Love is Like Oxygen, Sweet
The Pina Colada Song, Rupert Holmes

Forgotten classic:
Love Hurts, Nazareth

Unless this is all "Rock & Roll", I think some Sinatra is in order, Summer Wind is a classic. Mack The Knife and Beyond The Sea from Bobby Darin also rate highly, but hey it is your list.

Only 2 Danzig songs through 400? "You and Me" was a good pick. No "Twist of Cain"? No "Sistinas"? No "I Don't Mind the Pain"? And, what about old Misfits (Skulls, Astrozombies, Halloween) and Samhain?