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Gooses! Geeses!

As you probably know, today is Buy Nothing Day. As you probably also know, I am a consumer whore who believes that it is for the greater good of society and our economy that we engage in mass consumption of overpriced toys, games, clothing, etc. So I hereby declare my anti-holiday to Buy Nothing Day: Buy Me A Golden Goose Day (BMAGGD), dedicated to the idol of consumer whores everywhere, Veruca Salt. Veruca wanted the world and she wanted it now. Of course, she had her daddy to buy all the goods for her and most of us aren't that fortunate to be spoiled like that. But, no matter. We can still take part in BMAGGD. Even if we buy just one thing each, we will be doing our part to make sure that the cash registers keep ringing and the factories, marketing agencies, and department stores stay in business. Let's face it, we all want the world. We all want to lock it all up in our pocket. Me, I want mindless junk. Maybe you want a pony. Pass your holiday wish list around today. Let your loved ones know that you fully expect them to participate in this holiday in the name of the much loved Veruca Salt. And if they dismiss you as some kind of lunatic, cross them off your holiday list and go spend the money you would have spent on their gift on yourself. Do it for Veruca. Happy Buy Me A Golden Goose Day. Update: It should be noted that I physically hate shopping at any time of year and it will be a cold day in hell before you catch me in any kind of store on Black Friday. However, I will be spending my day internet shopping. Of course, some people think that Christmas is Full of Crap, anyhow.


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Veruca Salt?

Jeez, is Long Island, like,
just a disease?
Or do you grow up like that?

hello conspicuous consumption, how are you today?

OOmpa-Loompa, baby!

I have bought nothing so far today.


Ahh! Another Thanksgiving Capitalist economic luddite like myself. The one day of the year that I will NOT venture into any retail establishment both for philosophical reasons and a blind fear of being bludgeoned to death by a catalogue-wielding brigade of Aunts and Grandmothers. Good for you.

$214 at Target this morning. Long live capitalism.

This will mark Christmas number 7 where I have, by choice, had presents delivered via UPS and done all my shopping vie the net (with the exception of craft shows). I won't even go near the local shopping establishments this time of year. Three cheers for the Scrooges of Black Friday!!

I wasn't planning on going out and buying anything today, but seeing as how it's "Buy Nothing Day," methinks I'll go out and purchase something just to spit in the eye of these idiots.

I stared in horror across the turkey carcass last night as my eldest daughter was trying to talk her sisters into getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to hit the malls with her.

But then, she drives an ambulance for a living and takes no sh*t from anyone. I feel sorry for anyone that would try and elbow her out of the way to get to a bargain.

The only foray I'll make from the house today will be to the hardware store if I need anymore staples to hang the Christmas lights.

I'm off to Gart Sports to buy a S&W 329PD .44 Mag.
It's a double whammy!

Not only did I shop today, but I did so via the online service of the Evil Wal-Mart. Buhahahahah!

Short of running over Naomi Klein with an SUV, nothing else could have brightened my day as much.

Toren: If it ain't Bulldog, it ain't .44.

Just dropped four hundred bucks at the Big Orange Hole in my Wallet.

Now, off to Lowe's!

- You've got to be kidding...If I even think about browsing that Amazon treasure trove of perfectly useless stuff I won't get a damn thing done around here all day...

If I ever go to the mall during christmas season, it's just to gaze in wide wonder at the splendor of humanity in all its wild, gawdy circus-like glory. Cheers, Michele.

Shopping? Hell, it's damned near quarter to four and I haven't even gotten dressed yet!

Bonus points?

Finally ! someone understands me.

- Oh... and just for dangling all that decadent shopping delight in my face you've been BlogRoled...

I also believe in the power of the consumer. Talk around the office is that whenever I purchase a big ticket item (anything from a new power tool for the workshop to a 24× 40 ft barn for the farm) the economic indices are going up that week. Usually it's true.

Yesterday I went shopping on Black Friday for the first time in years and purchased a Craftsman air compressor and brad nailer for the workshop. This forecasts a banner year for retail sales.

No thanks are necessary America. We all do our duty.

Yesterday was a "me" day. No leaving the house, no dealing with anything. Does it count if I buy something today?

Ah, the wonders of Christmas shopping. I left the house at 9:00 a.m. I was back, after getting lunch, at 11:45. I have only 3 people left, and they're getting gift certificates.


Imperial Keeper

Bill McKibben, I think, was one of the culprits behind Buy Nothing Day. He's a self-righteous crunchy type who also wrote a book the gist of which was that since he only wanted one kid, that should be enough for everybody else, too. His most recent one is an ill-argued screed against genetic engineering that Ronald Bailey of Reason has fisked completely. McKibben, and the even more obnoxious Wendell Berry, are the Richard Bennetts of the left. Why anyone with a clue and a sense of humor listens to either of them is beyond me.

I myself went to Wal-Mart (though more to grocery-shop than anything else), and, the next day, to Strawberries and Trader Joe's. I'm not a Christian, and thus don't get dragged so far down into the vortex of Hell-iday shopping. As for cards, I have a supply of unused ones in my desk, but the stamps I'll use will make an additional small contribution toward the hoped-for economic rebound.

Percy Dovetonsils: Short of running over Naomi Klein with an SUV...

Who else here would pay to see that?