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thanks is a funny word if you say it enough times

I've made it to 310. I'm anxious to start annotating this monster. Diving into this project has allowed me to put out of my mind other things that I just don't feel like dealing with at the moment. On that note, I'd like to thank (apropos of the holiday) those who have hit the tip jar recently. You have no idea how much every single donation is needed right now. It's just been that kind of month. Months, even. I also want to take the time to thank you, my dear readers who are like my extended dysfunctional family. I usually make a fun list of the things I'm thankful for - not the usual friends and family things, but the under appreciated things in life like beer and oddly enjoyable websites. I'll get to that later, as well as the rest of the Thanskgiving advice questions. Right now I'm leaving work early so I can go home and swallow half a bottle of Excedrin Migraine. I thank the miserable weather for this brain-smashing headache.


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I tried to give you some but I can't fathom what your requirements are aside from personal preference.

Anyhoo, I keep picturing you wearing this:

Michele, I would like to thank you for all the great writing you do...I actually don't miss the political posts (though I read every one) and think you're doing a great job.
Thank you for all the time you spend writing your posts, thinking about your posts, reading emails about posts, and making your graphics.

Love the addition of Public Image Ltd. And "Hammer in My Heart" is another great song by Rundgren and Company.

Fine Young Cannibals (Good Thing)

or She Drives Me Crazy - FYC!

With two Todd tunes ,considering your limit of three per group,I would suggest "Couldn't i Just Tell You",live version.'Hammer" is good,too,Mr jon.
also,GFR "Bad Time to Be in Love"

In all seriousness I love ASV. I just think Michele is lovable music Nazi. ;)

Town Called Malice by The Jam...anything by Debbie Harry...Dire Straits...

And what a freaking plethora of answers she gets.

I was looking through your list and was surprised by the absence of disco. Surely this absence is an oversight. How can you have a list of the best songs without including all of the songs on the Saturday Night Fever album? It just doesn't make sense. You must have forgotten all of the great disco songs, Michele, so I am doing you a favor and reminding you. Including all of your favorite disco songs may bring the list to over 500 without adding anything more, so you will then merely need to cull the second rate, non-disco material from the list. I hope that this suggestion is helpful.

Tempted by Squeeze; anything by Ray Charles.

So is "spanks."

I am thankful for beer also for if there be no beer, I'd be stuck with a 6-pack of White Zinfandel.

Tara MacLean, "Evidence"
October Project, "Bury My Lovely" and/or "Ariel"
Wild Strawberries, "Trampoline"

Thank YOU! This is by far one of my favorite stops in the blogispherinetiverse.

P.O.D.'s "Freedom Fighters" is one of my personal faves...

The list as it is shaping up is very odd. It reminds me, taken with the comments of your readers, of how much I have actually been in another country over the past 35 years. I'd suggest something myself, but nothing from the place where I've been would be relevant.

I wonder what it is really like where you have been. You don't really seem to have had a whole lot of fun there. That's a shame. I've had a gas.

Once again, Joseph reads way too much into something simple.

Legs--Z. Z. Top
LaGrange--Z. Z. Top
She's Got me Under Pressure--Z. Z. Top
Jesus Done Left Chicago--Z. Z. Top

Of course, I remember them when they were just a local band in San Antonio.

Well, simple is as simple does. I am simply struck very forcefully by how much that would be on my list is absent from yours--both artists and cuts. Almost no overlap, actually.

Maybe this is merely a matter of taste. But since you clearly care about music to have listened so widely, why hide from what your taste says about who you are and where you have been?

I've always been simple enough to think it the best mirror available for the things about myself that I don't normally see.

Sometimes, Joseph, a cigar is just a cigar.