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thanks and giving

A few things before I get down to the business of answering the Thanksgiving questions before the holiday actually gets here. First, thanks to everyone who has donated to the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge through ASV. I'm not starting with the heavy fundraising push until December 1st, but there's already over $300 in the Spirit of America till under this name, so thank you. If you'd like to collect the piece of fiction I promised in return for your donation, please follow the instructions here. Second: I think I started something with the 500 songs list. Tom at Media Drop, Pril and Fredo are also compiling their own. But remember, kids. Mine is going to be annotated! And illustrated! Yea, that's the ticket! Keep the suggestions coming, but one thing: if you're going to make a whole list of suggested songs, it probably would serve you well to actually read the list first so you save yourself the time of writing down ten tunes that are already there. And, while I have being thankful on the brain, I'd like to thank those of you who have chosen to stick around even though I've stopped the political/news blogging. You make up about half of my former readership, but you're twice the fun and I'm really enjoying blogging for the first time in a while. So thanks for being here.


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"I think I started something with the 500 songs list"

You idea pirate! Hijacker! Didn't you get the idea of compiling your own list from some other site? Some other site like mmmmmmmBubbas?

As I recall...

Not exactly. I was going to make my own list before I saw Bubba's. I just liked the way Bubba went about his.

First you must see the photoshop at www.bostondirtdogs.com. Second, how about something from The Clash, The Cure, 'At Last' by Etta James, anything by Traffic and Joe Cocker 'Feelin Alright'?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Hey now... mine will have comments, album/CD cover images (where available) and stuff and junk too. I mean, isn't that the only way to do it right? ;)

Your new attitiude is refreshing and fun.Thanks for your efforts amd all of the yummy free ice cream.

Thanks for reminding me of "In the Meantime" and "Cannonball."

How can you say that you've stopped "political" blogging when you diss the Stones?
"Last Time"
"Can't You Hear Me Knocking"
"Parachute Woman"
"Moonlight Mile"
"Midnight Rambler"
"Tumbling Dice"
"Under My Thumb"
"Little Red Rooster"

Only a Commie would diss the Stones.

I come because I have nowhere else to go. It's cold and dark outside.

The only reason I didn't leave when you quit blogging on politics is because your door is broke and it didn't hit me in the ass on my way out...and what fun is that?

I keep coming back, even though we have nothing in common. I blame witchcraft. Now, if I only had a duck...

Happy Thanksgiving, you thing from another world, you.

No Ted Nugent? "Just What the Doctor Ordered" is my favorite song of all.
Don't forget King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man". That should be right up your alley. And Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song". Great list, BTW.

I've told you before that I enjoy your non-political writing. Glad to see you write about other things. :) I think you're going to make me come up with my own 500 song list.

I missed the post about not doing politics anymore below, and didn't even notice the absence. Not that I don't enjoy your political writing, but I come here because I like your writing, period. Write what makes you happy.

As a blogger, what are your thoughts on Podcasting?Mark