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[insert daddy joke]

Report: Yankees to offer Pedro $50 million. I feel like I need to wash my hands repeatedly after seeing that headline. (I should note to the unaware that I'm a Yankee fan) Update: not related, but bound to make me feel better in some way.


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Steinbrenner reminds me of that kid that you always see in playgroups; the one that wants whatever toy your kid is playing with, then when he gets it, walks around taking all the OTHER kids' toys so he has all his arms full of toys and the other kids are all sitting around going, "Asshole."

Daddy! Ha! Yeah, Daddy Warbucks!

You lamented 2 years ago when the Yank acquired The Rocket. He could have helped them out this year. By getting Pedro it's a win win situation. The yanks win cause the starting rotation is stronger. They also win because their main rival is weaker.

It should be noted that Carl Pavano could be possibly had for less. IIRC he won 17 last year with a team that forgot how to bat.

You've had Boggs & Clemens, so it can't be a Bosox thing. And you've had more than your share of jerks on the team, so it can't be that.

So what's the problem?

A Loyal, yet disheartened, Met fan

Well I hated Boggs and I hate Clemens.

Pedro is no Rocket.
Fifty Million? You can keep him.
Let him start opening day at Fenway.
That should be fun.

Fellow Yankees fans, let me spell it out for you (once again) because Cashman and the others don't know how to spell it:


who are these yankees of which you speak?

Oh... that piss poor team from New York that managed to swipe defeat from the jaws of victory. the ones who committed the biggest choke in the history of the sport?

Oh yeah, pal. We don't care about them no more.

and you can have our used up players. Pedro's best season was 2 years ago. he ain't worth 50 million. how much do you have to pay his lucky midget? have fun drying your dishes with all those "who's your daddy" t-shirts.

-Enjoy the curse of Happy McSlappy A-rod


$50 million is steep, and Pedro's an injury risk, but the stable of quality pitchers is so thin he's probably worth it.

BTW, I looked at Pavano recently on my blog - all you really need to know is, Pedro struck out about 90 more batters than Pavano last year in almost the same number of innings, and this while Pedro was having the worst year of his career and Pavano the best. And strikeout rates remain the best predictor of how much gas a guy has left.

(I'd rather have Randy Johnson, of course).

Pedro would last about a week on the Yanks. IF you can get him to cut his Jehri curl, you've still got to figure out a way to get him to show up before the 6th inning of games he's not starting in. Francona was willing to let Pedro be Pedro as long as he was getting the job done. I don't think the yanks work that way.

(Unless you're gonna have Matsui contact his bosses at Mitsubishi and get a PedroBot made. I'm not sure there's time for that before the season starts, though.)

Well, if Steinbrenner is hell-bent on signing a player on the downhill side of his career...I suppose we can thank our lucky stars that it's not Sammy Sosa he's got a boner for.

I heard thourgh the grapevine that the Yankees are also trying to get Boggs to be a hitting coach and that they may look at resigning the Rocket. He is basically a free agent.

Heck they might as well bring in Mo Vaughn and Ellis Burks. I hear Freddy Lynn is in good shape these days.

Fookin heresy.

Acquiring Pedro is a big "fook u" to Zimmer.

I had a hard enough time swallowing Clemens.

I'd never accept Martinez. That would be the last straw, and end 26 or so years of Yankee fandom.

A team has to have SOME principles.

You're a Yankee fan? I thought you were rooting for the Padres.

Who's your Sugar Daddy?

What a waste of money.
If it was me I would be going after that kid on the Marlins who beat us in the series. He looked awesome and has a career ahead of him unlike Pedro.