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I made it to 200 songs!. Only 300 to go. I am going to do this. Taking suggestions here. Also: So far $172 has been raised for the Friends of Iraq blogger challenge in the name of this here blog. I thank everyone who donated so far and I would like to remind those people that you do get something in return - details on your "reward" are here. Details on the challenge are here.


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Michele wants you! to help her out with a list of the 500 top songs. Michelle would like to point out for the rest of us the thankless people of Maryland. Michele wants you to help Strengthen the Good. Ace [Read More]


someone likes the donnie darko soundtrack :).

OK, so I look at your list, and the first song is "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger.

I HATE THAT SONG. MTV played the video incessantly back in the '80s (back when MTV played videos).

Now it's stuck in my head.

Gee, thanks.

#s 127 & 156 lack songs.

And what, "Tube Station" over "Town Called Malice"? I doth protest.

Hey Michele, next time you're stuck try watching stupid commercials for inspiration. The latest moronic one used White Wedding to advertise a frickin' financial services company.....

OMG, you have SRV's Little Wing cover on there.

You are officially beyond reproach.

Folks, if you haven't heard it: it's absolute MAGIC. It's the pure distilled soul of Stevie, a perfect transition of hard Hendrix to a smooth slide guitar, with a dragging blues time that makes you wait for each note even though you already know the whole tune. It's so good, I suspect Hendrix travelled forward in time, then went back and covered Stevie with a straight rock sound.

In my opinion, it's the best tune on the list.

Ohyeah, I wanted to ask... if anyone's interested, I'll compile the list in MP3 form and make it available to download. Anybody want me to undertake it? I'd be happy to...

Even the fact that you picked Martin Scorcese instead of Detachable Penis as your King Missle song can't detract from your radiance.


Michele, sorry to tell you this, but NRBQ - Me and the Boys - is listed twice, #60 and #180.

I've heard like ten of those 200. Performer-wise, a bit more, but some of them aren't listed with any songs I've heard.

And where's Nick Cave?