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charitable blogging: SOA and STG

A few things on the board today before I get down to morning blogging. First, thank you to everyone who has donated to Spirit of America through ASV. I'm not going to make the real push for fundraising until after Thanksgiving, but if you'd like to drop a few dollars in the bucket now, by all means do it! You can find all the information you need on this SOA Blogger Challenge by clicking on the image above. I did promise something in return for those who made donations - a short-short story. So for those of you who gave yesterday - and for those who will give during this challenge - here's the deal: I like visual stimulation when I write. There are three things you can do: 1) Send me an image you would like me to use - maybe a photograph you have or an drawing you found on the internet that you like. 2) This is one I use for writing exercises: Think of a word or phrase, type into a Google image search and give me a link to the first (safe for work) image that comes up. 3) Another one I've been using (and used for this story) - go here to my husband's gallery at deviantArt and pick out a painting or photo for me to use. Just send me the name (send to karlrovesbrainATgmailDOTcom). Then all you have to do is forward to me the receipt mail from SOA, along with the image you want me to use for the story and your short-short story will appear right here (I'll also notify you when it's posted). After that, I thank you profusely for donating to SOA. Clicky here for the details if you want to join the challenge. Second important thing:
Strengthen The Good: Help Build An English Library For Teenagers In Bratislava, Slovakia. Douglas and his family are in Bratislava for a year, teaching English and American Studies to Slovakian teenagers, at a small and poor school set among the towers of a Soviet-era apartment block. They call English “the language of freedom and opportunity” … but they have no English-language books. So I thought we could help build a library, and have something to feel good about along the way. Got an extra copy of The Fountainhead or Old Yeller or the works of T. S. Eliot lying around?
There's a list of books Douglas is looking for to build the library at The C.S. Lewis Bilingual Gymnaziumin in Bratislava's Petrzalka district. Go to Strengthen the Good for more info, and start digging through your bookshelves. I think I'm going to take a trip to Borders today to buy a few copies of Lord of the Rings to send over.


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Done and done. Me first! Me first! ;)

I'm glad to have participated in something like this. First time for me. Be gentle.

Neat. I did something similar when I was in Uzbekistan. We even ended up with a great 80's music collection for the library.

That one's kinda cool, although I'd love to ship a copy of Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man there...

Thanks for sharing the that about the English library in Slovakia. I was just about to get rid of a bunch of books, and I always hate bringing them to used book stores where you get next-to-nothing for them and most just sit on the shelves and gather dust. Passing them on to people that will read them is much more rewarding, especially when there's such a need. Preparing a mass e-mailing of this link to family and friends now...

(It's icing on the cake that I love the writings of C.S. Lewis, for whom the school is named.)

Veering OT: One more thing on C.S. Lewis, for whom the Slovakian school was named. Today, Nov. 22, is the anniversary of his death. He wasn't just a Christian writer, by the way. He wrote science fiction and was an atheist before becoming a Christian. I highly recommend the film Shadowlands to anyone, whether you're a Jesus fan or not (there isn't much mention of Lewis' religion). It's the unique story of his "accidental" love for his wife and losing her to cancer. It stars Anthony Hopkins as Lewis and Debra Winger as Joy Gresham, his wife. I corresponded briefly with Gresham's son, Douglas. He said that while there are some liberties taken with the story, the film is true to "the spirit" of their relationship. Anyway, sorry for the mostly-OT movie plug, Michele, but you might like it.

That is such a cool idea. I'm sure I've got some books lying around that could be much better used by someone else. I'll have to go poking through my shelves when I get home tonight.