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love, love me don't

Something has come up in regards to my 500 songs post. I knew it would, eventually. It's time to address the issue. I am not a Beatles fan. I do not like the Beatles. I don't enjoy about 90% of their music. I don't like any of their solo stuff, especially Paul's. I don't particularly hate them, I just don't care for the music - save for a few songs. So, now that everyone is looking at me as if I murdered their loved one, I should probably go out on a limb and confess that I also hate Twinkies. That's another one that gets me dirty looks. I should start a support group for non-Beatles fans. And Twinkie haters. P.S. I forgot to mention that it's Dodd's fourth anniversary of blogging and he's opened up his blog for anyone to spray their graffitti on. Go tell him you love him. With Beatles lyrics. Heh.


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Finally, someone states the truth. Take the Beatles out of the context of the sixties and they're not that good.

It's over.

I'm no fan of the Beatles' music, individually or collectively. In my opinion, there's no song worth such hooplah.

I've hummed a few of their songs before...and I could even listen to "Yesterday" or "The Long and Winding Road" over dinner and digest properly, but I'm not one to ever purchase their offerings.

Early Beatles sounds kind of like Elvis, but not as good. Late Beatles sounds kind of like early Pink Floyd, but not as good. All of the songs from the Beatles I care to listen to fit on a single 74-minute mix CD. Emperor/clothes/etc.

Whoa! It's like being a "conservative" and finding out there's more of us out there.

I've never understood the Beattles phenom continuing as long as it has.

I am a stranger in a strange land.

I love it whenever anybody slaughters sacred cows. I quite like some of the Beatles albums, but it's great to see somebody not kowtowing the line.

And Sgt. Peppers has to be the most overrated album ever. Revolver and Rubber Soul were both better by miles.

If you really want to blow them away, tell people that you REALLY think that the Yankees suck.

Thank you!!! I hate the beatles too!!
As for twinkies, I prefer the red raspberry/coconut bingle variety or the ones with frosting rather than the canonical twinkie.


I'll join, but shouldn't the song be called "Hate Me Don't?"

I'm not a big fan of the Beatles, but they did have a huge influence on modern music. The band I have never been able to stand is the Rolling Stones. The only song of theirs I can stand is "Painted Black", otherwise I switch stations when they come on.

What?? You don't like Twinkies?? Bitch :-)

I never "got" the Beatles thing, either. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys is a better song than Yesterday any day of the week.

Well, I do like The Beatles. But Twinkies suck.

First, you're a Yankees fan. Not you say you hate the Beatles.
You try my patience, woman.

This is like when I tell people that I absolutely loathe the movie E.T. People look at me like I'm some sort of monster.

You're not alone. I like a couple Beatles' songs and I can tolerate most others. I think they're vastly overrated.

But on to more important matters. Have you tried frozen Twinkies? And how do you feel about Zingers?

Like the Beatles (though not fanatically, they're fun to listen to tho') and Twinkies, but Swiss Cake Rolls are better.

My pop-culture thing that makes everyone look at me sideways is... Forrest Gump. I thought it was an incredibly stupid movie and I don't get why so many people think it's so wonerful.

At this very moment, I am listening to the Ramones "Somebody Put Something in My Drink".

After reading this, I don't know if that's a revelation or a plea.

As a kid I liked them both. Then I grew up and turned 12.

Beatles. Meh. I can take em or leave em.

Completely off topic, I nominate the Minnesota Vikings to replace the Boston Redsocks as the losers we all pull for.
What do you say?

I'd eat a fucking Twinkie before I pulled for the Vikings.

By outlandish coincidence from HELL, we somehow have wound up talking about fantasy baseball teams AND Beatles at the same time. Someone pointed to a McSweeny's article that uses post-Rubber Soul Beatles characters in the lineup. For example:

"7. Eleanor Rigby, SS
Enigmatic, remote, and deceased. Yet still more productive than Rich Aurilia."

No, the Beatles were that good, and that innovative, and that incredibly prolific. But no, Michele, I don't hold it against you that they just don't do it for you (Springsteen is another matter ;)) Not everyone will ever have the same taste.

I'm indifferent to real Twinkies, but I enjoy the word itself.

Beatles? Guess you had to be there, like I was. It's moving into that dim valley where those who lived it give up inflicting it on children, and die off. It will revive among some future generation when it gets past an obligatory period of age bias. While my guitar gently weeps.

ps: thanks, Michele--you prompted me to add the white album and Abbey Road to my wake playlist.

Well, if you hate twinkies - you've just gotta try a staple of county fairs around here -

Deep Fried Twinkies.

I kid you not. They take the poor things, batter dip them, and then drop them in the deep-frier like it was a big 'ol corn-dog or something.

Will the attrocities never end? ;-)

"Painted Black"?

er ...Paint It Black, dude.

Erstwhile anal correction from One Who Was There.

(And whom still shudders over the number of times his garage band played that "tune" at a New Year's Party many, MANY years ago. Had to repeat it, actually: didn't KNOW that many tunes ...certainly not enough to be playing for four effing hours.)

But the Stones did have one (only ONE) "good" album: "Sympathy for the Devil". Of course, I haven't listened to it in years, and what did I know, then, anyways. My approval of SFTD then was, at least, in marked contrast to how much I quite despised EVERY thing else the leperous scheming twats did.

The Beatles ...well, whether you liked the band or not, They Were Important. To music, and to many musicians. Seemed that ways, then, at least. Well, for quite a few years after, also.

Not as musicians, of course ...they weren't really very gifted technically.

But the L/M tunes ...geez, everyone covered the tunes. Leonard-friggin'-Bernstein "covered" the tunes.

But "important to music" like JS Bach, or Scott Joplin, or Robert Johnson ...to name but a disparate few of the true Illuminati?


Post Abbey Road? Hmm.

...nope again. As individuals ...indeed, what crap they wrought.

Hated Lennon's stuff ...all of it: NOTHING of his was worthwhile post-Beatles ...mawkish. And Ono ...singing ...what WAS he thinking?

Hated McCartney's stuff barely a little less, though it was sometimes more tuneful (obvious later who the hit melodicist of the team was, eh) ...at least Linda was aware she couldn't carry a tune in a bag ...but he really can't be forgiven for Ebony, Ivory.

And the other two lads didn't really count, then, did they, come to think on it? But at least George didn't get any worse (to his credit). And Ringo accepted It Was Over with a great deal of grace, from current perspective. So the odd kudo to half of the aging Fab Four pre-termination(s), at least.

Wonder that you've the, er, stones to bring it up tho', 'chelle.


Oh come on, admit it.

You know you liked 'Wings'...

She doesn't like the Beatles. She doesn't like twinkies. Worse: she never burps. She also voted for Bush.

In short, she's the spawn of Satan.


Seriously? I used to be a big Beatles fan. I outgrew them.

Yes. Outgrew them. That hurts some people even worse. They think if you don't like the Beatles maybe you haven't heard the right stuff. But actually I own almost all their stuff on CD, and used to listen to it obsessively--then one day, something snapped, and I completely lost interest.

I know almost all their songs by heart. I simply don't feel the need to hear them anymore.

When I do listen to them, I pick out something simple: Revolver, or maybe Let It Be. Why? No pretensions. Just three guys with guitars and a drummer. And none of the pretentious bullshit. Sort of like The Clash with a bit less of an edge.

But really? There's a bunch of stuff I'd usually rather listen to. People who are still stuck on the Beatles, in my view, are stuck in the past. Music has moved on. They were very influential, they were very innovative--and they broke up 35 years ago and it's time to move on.

In fact, my favorite quote about the Beatles came from John Lennon himself: "It's only a fucking rock and roll band."


I liked them in the 70s...briefly...like one autumn and winter when they had some more radio play.

I bought "One" but I've played it maybe twice as background music when friends were over and they seemed relieved when I changed it out so I think it's more prevelant than anyone wants to admit.

Well, it's only that every single solitary (honest) group acknowledges the influence of the Beatles on them. Is all.

So our sole justification for including the Beatles is that they were influential? Keep in mind that both the original Rolling Stone list and Michele's list start with the songs the voter likes best. The Beatles were influential, sure. So were Robert Johnson and Mahalia Jackson. But just because you like a song influenced by Hey Jude doesn't mean you have to like Hey Jude. That's the problem with these sorts of lists. It's why lots of people watch Citizen Kane and wonder why their cineast friends fawn over it (and I really like Citizen Kane, so I know of what I speak). That something is influential does not mean it has to go on a list of favorites - I can make a list of detective fiction I like without including The Big Sleep, and I can make a list of songs I like without including the Beatles. When Michele makes her list of most influential songs, you can beat her up for not including The Beatles.

Well, not all bands can sound like they're disemboweling live cats while simultaneously cooking them on a backyard grill...like some bands I could mention.

I'm old enough to remember when they only sold Twinkies as a pair. Twin-kies, get it? Then they started wrapping them individually, which completely undermined the whole marketing concept. I have no respect for that. That and the fact that they suck.

Beatles? Jeses H! I am so glad someone came out with it. And the Stones. Ugh! Led Zeppelin? Please! There's one or two songs from each that are OK, but the rest are just awful!

But still, despite my strong feelings on this subject, there are two things that will not ever be played on my car stereo under any circumstances -- (a) advertisments for cars and (b) Aerosmith.

I think the biggest problem with the Beatles is that their songs have become trite due to being played OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Rather like "Stairway to Heaven" and "Rock & Roll". (Someone, please put those two Zep songs away. We've heard them way too many times.)

I love the Beatles, but I don't listen to them much anymore. Don't need to. The songs play perfectly in my head already.

Love the Beatles. Never loved Elvis.

Finally, someone brings out the ugly truth. Loved most of the White Album, really couldn't stand most of the rest. Post-Beatles McCartney...generally mindless crap. I read his authorized biography by ___________ Miles (?) and I couldn't get over what a self-important twit the guy is.

Twinkies suck, too.

I'll join that support group. I never "got" the Beatles.

Twinkies are great, if served three on a plate, arranged radially, and covered with bab au rhum sauce.

I don't like music much at all.

How's that for iconoclasm?

When someone asks me who my favorite bands are, I ask them who their favorite 19th century novelists are. Or what their favorite stage play is.