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My banner just up and disappeared. Strange, because I didn't fiddle with it at all today and it was there just a few hours ago (the last time I looked). If anyone has any clue as to what's wrong here, please let me know. Also, is anyone else's Gmail turning up nothing but an error? Stupid internets. Update: Looks like it's just me - or Firefox. The banner shows up fine in IE but not in Firefox. I didn't fool with the settings today, so I've no clue. Turns out gmail is working in IE as well. What the hell happened to my beloved Firefox??


Banner's still DJ in the snow right? It's showing up just fine here.

I've got DJ too, and my gmail is working fine as of 5 minutes ago. I was having issues with blogger, but we all know how much blogger sucks.

re your update: It comes up for me in firefox and so does my gmail....

Yea, there's most likely something corrupted in my Firefox.

Did you install any out-of-control Firefox plug-ins?

Firefox works for me.

I think I smell a reinstall for Michele.

Try reloading the page, assuming you haven't done that. I know Mozilla caches everything it can, Firefox probably does as well.

Hmm... well, I read some reorts from people that are having minor crash issues with 1.0 but they did not with 1.0PR. When you installed 1.0, did you uninstall 1.0PR? I often found that with the various incarnations of Firefox, it is finicky and tends to error. But a fresh install never gives me any trouble.

I am using Firefox, I see DJ in the snow (in a Green Bay parka, but there is no accounting for taste.) and GMail workie great for me. I guess you'll be reinstaling Firefox.


Hey now! Don't be dissing the Pack!

As someone who worked in technology for 18 years, I feel safe in saying never...Never install beta code unless you get something for free. You are going to have headaches, so there better be a payback. Never install version 1 of code for the same reason - though they never give anything away after beta. Never install the new release of anything (mozilla 1.7.3 is not that different from 1.7.1, it just has fewer problems.)

I hope to install firefox next spring. Give everybody a change to get back from the holidays and fix the problems.

Michele, give Opera a try. If you like it, I'll pay for the registration as a christmas present. :)

Have you updated Firefox lately? Did you uninstall the previous load first? I installed one version on top of another a couple versions back...my computer didn't like that.

All's working fine for me with Firefox 1.0, which I use home and office. G-mail, too.