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update on the daughter situation

Someone in the comments on the previous post reminded me that I never did give you the update on My daughter's death threat situation. The youngster in question was brought in to the juvenile authorities by his parents, where he was processed, etc. He goes back to court on the 29th, where he will see a probation officer who assured me that they will recommend psychiatric counseling for the boy. From what I understand via my ex husband, the boy's parents are willing and eager to cooperate with this, as they realize now that their son has anger management issues. We chose not to seek an order of protection as a) we are confident that the parents of the boy are keeping him under careful watch and b) we didn't want to make Nat go through the process of having to appear in court to testify against her former friend. Really, all we wanted was to make sure the kid got some help. Apparently, he's a very good student and, aside from the death threat thing, not a bad kid. I think with some guidance and professional help he can overcome whatever issues are making him behave this way. So, hopefully, end of story. Thank you to everyone who offered advice and support.


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Thanks !! MB had wondered, but hadn't wanted to ask.

Trust, but verify.

You did the right thing.

Great news! I truly hope his parents follow through and this is just the beginning of a new and better life for the boy.

Glad to hear it. Your decision not to blow it off may have saved a lot of people a lot of grief (really!).

That's great news. So glad that the parents are recognizing there's a problem.

"... aside from the death threat thing, not a bad kid."

I guess that it is good to have perspective.

If this works, it will be a very much to be desired outcome. I hope that he learns to channel his anger into constructive release, rather than to further conceal it.

"Anger management issues."

AKA: "No self-control."

Gee, I wonder if this kid is or will shortly be on Ritalin or something similar.

Good to hear the case is progressing, though.

Many thanks for the update, and all the best. I hope this is behind you all.

I live in Suffolk county and we have a program called PINS (persons in need of supervision). It is sort of like parole and I hope this young man is put in the program if you have it in Nassau County.

My own daughter was harassed and threatened during her college years. Thankfully, after going to court, the girl settled down and caused no more trouble. Hope your daughter is equally fortunate.