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apropos of nothing

It's been nine days since I've written about the election, the left or politics/news in general. This wasn't intentional, it's just the way the things have worked out. As my Ecosystem number drops lower each day and my stats fall off to half of what they were a month ago, I come to the realization that I'm much happier this way. I have acheived inner peace through writing about semen covered dinners, suicidal Santas and rock and roll. Go figure.


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Keep it up, you are always interesting to read.

I would like to hear more about the situation with your daughter. You left us all on tenterhooks with concern for her safety. Forget the politics, assure us that she is safe!

Admit it, Karl Rove told you to take a break from politics ;)

I'm outraged!

I really like reading you no matter what you write about. What does get tedious is when you constantly write about the e-mails you get from people complaining. Damn the torpedoes Gridley, full speed ahead!

Crank's right. I got my Rove directive right here in front of me, telling me to stand down until the '06 Congressional cycle, but remain ready for possible impeachment offensive coming from the enemy camp.

The Houston Press recently (2004-11-18 issue) did a piece on a certain "Morgan Webb" in its "Night & Day" event calendar section. Apparently she likes video games. Apparently she's also very popular. So now that I've driven your hitcount back to the altosphere do I get a cookie? :^)

You're ecosystem stats go up whenever you argue with hoards of zombie moonbats? That's just sad. I've lost all respect for the Blogsphere.

I may never look at baked beans the same again, but that's still less scarring that daily exposure to refugees from DU.

"Your" "you're" "your" "you're".

That does it, I'm going to hit "preview" next time.

Everybody's traffic is way off after the election (although the ecosystem ranking shouldn't be affected). I have written a number of politics-related posts and find myself getting a headache every time.

Funny, I hadn't noticed that you hadn't written about politics. I'd guess that those of us that really like your writing don't come here to get a political fix- but to read good stuff.

I've noticed the troll count is way down too. ;-)

I guess they are busy trying to light each other on fire now.

Well, I for one hadn't noticed that you had dropped in the eco-system, but then again, real men could give a crap about the eco-system. The fact that you've dropped has probably brought you closer to us neanderthals anyway...and we have much more fun than those hoity-toities high society bitches at the top of the eco-system.

(then again, the fan-boy in me thinks you always deserve the highest of rankings)

Oh, sure, YOU'RE happy, Michele, but what about us?!

At this rate, by next week, Wonkette will be higher than you in the ecosystem... I won't stand for it, I WON'T

(Aw, hell, I'm sure I'll get over it... just like I did when ABC cancelled Sports Night and left some really lousy sitcoms on the air)

Well, since the Republicans are doing such wonderful things as making sure accused felons keep Majority Leader status, getting the President a yacht, proposing a tax increase for those who pay state and local taxes and for businesses that pay for employee health insurance, and making all the talk needed to lay the groundwork for another war, I can't imagine why the left would even enter the radar screen.