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talk about protein wisdom...*

Just when I thought I was jaded enough to not be surprised by anything, along comes, err....cooking with cum. There's message boards. And, lord help us all, pictures. Just...wow. I know there's a million puns to be had here, but I'm too flabbergasted to think of anything good. Ok, my favorite recipe names: Flapjack-offs ....Manmilk soup...Chunky crab dip?? Ewww! I apologize if I've offended any of you. As for myself, I can't stop giggling. dedicated:*


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Like you can't get that in most restaurants already.

It's just not "officially " on the menu.

"The only recipe book with a happy ending."

Step away from the keyboard, now!

Personally, I like to whip it up into a fluffy meringue and put it on waffles.

But I'm kind of an iconoclast.

Wow - 5 comments and nobody suggested the cream of sum yun gi. Focus, people, focus.

I'm a moron! I clicked on your links, I'm a fucking moron!

Those baked beans bring a fresh new interpretation to "cooking with pork".

The kiwi was just wrong.

I haven't looked far enough, but I hope there's a recipe for Mangravy.

C'mon, Keith, you're old school! You don't really need a recipe for that!

McMangoo. Sorry.

Ugh and this "guy/gal" who admins the site actually lives within minutes of me, since they'r e in Sacramento.

Offended? No.

Disgusted? slightly.

Laughing? Betcha' ass!

I almost can't wait to see their "thanksgiving" worship recipies.

So what were you googling when you came across that website?

I understand this will be the basis of a new cooking show on ABC, and that it will be promo-ed before Monday Night Football later this year.

They should market their soup recipes.

Just call it Cream of Pete.


Sloppy Seconds Joe ?

no ...


A Fromunda Cheese Burger



"Conception" - Sunny side eggs with HollandDave sauce

no ......


Rooji-Tooji Fresh and Spooji Breakfast at IHOP

no ......


damn ... Jeff makes this look easy

Now we can taste the REAL Essence of Emeril...

Whatever happend to phrases like "Oh shoot"."yes!" , "Is that going to leave a stain" "I need a hanky,real quick" "Too Late" "Do I have to do this for ever, my hand is really tired?"

Oh' bitch,bitch,bitch. That's all you ever do.

Great. Now I have to gouge out my eyes. Thanks Michele.

I feel sorry for the sore bastard who has to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20.

Sweet potato(e)s covered in brown-sugar and manmarshmellows.

Cross-promotion idea: Cheez Jizz.

The easiest adaptation of an existing Kraft recipe with the new product: Funny Face Cheesers.

There aren't words to express how messed up that is.

My drop-jawed horror slowly transformed itself into uncontrollable laughter, such that the first few laughs overcame me while I was still staring in shock and fear. Just like when Ali G was smelling that guy's ass.

I love that.

FUCKING CUMFRUIT just ruined my fucking night.

I keep thinking of the smell of kiwi and cum MIXED TOGETHER and I can't stop gagging (and NO, I'm not just SAYING THAT)

i havent eaten in 9 hours, i get my dinner and i look at this and now ive lost my appetite

Kiwi & cum? That's gross. Everone knows cum goes with pineapple. Blech, kiwi!

This is no way to waste one's precious bodily fluids. It's gotta be some sort of international Communist conspiracy.

Lol, well you know someone has to do it. There is after all a cookbook for pretty much everything, including cannibalism.

Dorkafork, your nick just took on a whole new meaning. ;)

I'm not eating ANYTHING at the holiday parties this year.

I'm not reading any comments, because reading the original post just goes to show:

There's more on heaven and earth than you really want to know about!

There's no way I'll stain the breadmachine with any bread recipes from there.


What will they "cum" up with next!

New England "man" chowder?

Penis butter?

Hope nobody gets "semen"ella poisoning.


I think I need therapy now. I'm about to get an eating disorder.

Following up on dorkafork's comment, I thought pineapple (or pineapple juice) was what you had before you procure that ingredient...

Drink of the day: Bamana Smoothie.

"I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar."

--Dr. Zoidberg,
"Where the Buggalo Roam."

I've firmly convinced myself that the whole website is a hoax.


It's still pretty disturbing.

Bolie IV

I've become pretty good about clicking links, not these, though.
There are some things I just flat don't want to know about, other things I know all I need to and care to.

Well, now I've seen EVERYTHING!!!

At least the source supply is everlasting!!!


Er, um, no, no, nooooooooooo...

hurls into the waste basket

I can't be the only guy reading this stuff who isn't having anxiety about "but can I do a half cup in time to make this recipe"?

Or maybe it's just me. Sheesh.