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i meant what i said and i said what i meant

I said a week ago that I wasn't going to read my ASV mail for a while, but I couldn't help it yesterday. The subject lines were intriguing. So I read, discarded and mumbled to myself for a while. I just may be the most hated person on the right side of the blogosphere at the moment. Such is life. Just to clarify, I never meant to imply that Michael Moore is somehow a better reporter/person than all of you. Also, I did not mean to diminish the importance or impact of blogs - anyone who has read this site for any amount of time knows that I am a great defender of blogs as a vital medium. I just don't think that Time should give their award to a population of people that more than half the population of America is not in any way, shape or form affected by. A few people wondered how I would react if bloggers were named Person of the Year and they mentioned Command Post. I'd be grateful, of course. And happy. Just because I think there are people more deserving of the award does not mean I wouldn't be pleased to accept a small fraction of it. I'm sure Marisa Tomei knows damn well she didn't deserve that Oscar, but it doesn't stop her from kissing it before she goes to bed every night.


Michele, I'm not on the right, but all the same I've never been offended or perplexed by anything you have ever said until now.

What exactly do you mean Marisa Tomei didn't deserve that Oscar?


Since you had announced you were NOT going to read your ASV mail, I know (and I believe) many of your happy readers have respectfully refrained from emailing...meaning you've probrobably had a higher percentage of hate email.

Consider this post a mash note!

Bloggers as "persons of the year"? Ugh, who would want that? It's just part of the conspiracy to get blogs to jump the shark, ignore it.