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it's a trap!

I haven't been able to get to Fark in two hours. I'm going through serious withdrawals here. I even tried going to plain old Fark instead of TF, but no luck there, either. Quick, someone say something stupid and then someone else counter that with something even more stupid! I need pictures of Admiral Ackbar or going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket headlines or useless news flash tags! I'm dying here! Update: All is well. Fark is back. Must seek addiction counseling.


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Hey - here at work, we can't get Fark at all. A few months ago, they added it to the banned site list. Man, I'm ticked off.

Head on over to Cruel Site of the Day.

That should intrigue, repulse and satisfy you.

No, it's not the same. I miss my fellow TFers.

saying "something stupid"

I'm not going to the bathroom an snapping a picture of my "squirrel nuts." No way, no how.

I got a thread full of snarking on Lois Lane comic book covers, if that'll help:
I mean, she's no Mon Calimari military genius, but...

Your logo totally looks like a new-wave sports team - that's the bomb, btw.

your a moran

/got nothing

Check Roves brain - sent you a fix.

It's a trap!

/got nothing

Meep: You're network managers must be very smart.

Michele: I was reading a thread about the K-Mart-Sears merger, and aside from the retrospectivly obvious jokes about it changing its name to S-Mart and hiring someone named Ash, there was a vigoros debate about who was buying out who, with one side saying that Sears was buying out K-Mart because the name of the merged company is Sears Holdings and Sears has much more revenue and assets. The side that thought K-Mart was buying out Sears said that the name doesn't mean anything, and that K-Mart was paying Sears as part of the merger as proof.

There was also debate about Craftsman tools: crap or not?

Then there were the moonbats who brought in leftist conspiracy theorists, asking people to debunk the theories, and when told that they need to objectively support their argument, asked "Do you have a link for that?"

I'm pretty sure the poster/moonbat/Total Farker was serious.

Is that good?

hmm fark went down around the time of the yankee's wife blackmail thing. Knew it was going to happen.

My site's down. Seems there's a major backbone problem.

I had the same reaction when Allah retired. Still miss 'im, and it doesn't sound like he's coming back.

you won't find this on fark:


(warning might make you "throw up in your mouth")

Fark goes down. Michele surrenders.

Major internet site goes down. Your dog wants Fark.

Fark back up. Still no cure for cancer.

I was wondering what happened to Fark yesterday, too. Especially since I posted a topic where I was going to go DIT to get a PC question answered. It's now lost to the mists of time.

I'll just do it again today. shrug But it was fairly annoying.

Michele, if you think you're bad, about 300 folks went and raised over $13,000+ dollars for a place called ENWorld in about 6 news. So it would stop crashing on a monthly basis. (server drive)

What I want to know is what Michelle's fark name is, so that I do not try and get in a flame war with her and get eaten alive.

So, what is it?

/less then nuthin