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spam of the day

My spam is better than Bill's spam.

A blonde apprehend was driving along the tousle when a electrician police accompanist pulled her betelgeuse for congo.
centrifugal: May i see your heavenward?
algebraic: what does it look eradicate?
risky: its a pile thing with a digging of you on it.
The goldfinch looks shabby her ignition and beebe out her breadfruit allegheny and hands it to the officer.
The electrocardiogram opens it up and says if you had metabole me you were a decompression circumspect I wouldn't have nihilist you over.

I wonder what the joke was supposed to look like?


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Eventually, the arms race between the Bayesian analysis anti-spam programs that these things are trying to defeat, and the anti-anti-spam programs that generate this sort of test is going to lead to the spontaneous appearance of the first Artificial Intelligence, just mark my words.

And from there, it's only a few steps to Skynet.

Skynet built and controlled by Spammers.

After a quick Google for the original, here tis (or at least a close relative):

A blond woman in a shiny new red sports car was speeding down the highway when she got pulled over by a blond Highway Patrol woman. The blond policewoman asked the blond driver for her drivers license. Unsure what a drivers license was, the blond driver asked, "I think I've heard of it but I forget, what does a drivers license look like?"

The blond policewoman replied, "Your drivers license is a squarish thing with a picture of you on it"

The blond driver digs around in her purse for a moment and retrieves her compact. She opens it up, looks into the mirror, sees herself and hands it to the blond policewoman.

The blond policewoman looks at the compact and says, "Oh... sorry. You can go, I didn't realize you were a cop!"

Sorry, forget to add the link to the source (blogging being all about the attribution):


Hah! Thank you.

You know what's amazing? I think I got most of the point of the joke even without reading the English version.

It reminds me of the old quote, "This gubblick contains many nonsklarkish English flutzpahs, but the overall pluggandisp can be glorked from context."

Sounds like a Beck song to me.

"Hand me the Becktionary. No, no, the rhyming Becktionary."

Floating through the ghetto like guillotine Waiting to come down, down on the scene
The second guessing sleaze
Damned to feed the flatulating brotherhood
Puffing on a blunt


The haunches of the pigs
The uniformed legions will conspire
Slacking off is nil
The point is now to kill
Grind the whining bastards in their tracks
New jack

Wow, you're right. Beck sings spam!

I love Beck.


Because I'm a loser.

Brilliant JR!

I actually think it looks like it was put through Babelfish into another language and translated back to english.

I think I like the spam version better than the original joke.

I wonder if you said " betelgeuse" three times, you'd get even more spam.

The anti-anti-spam version reminds me of James Joyce. Maybe Joyce was REALLY ahead of his time?